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Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Egg hunt

Florence, Laura and Miranda were admiring the spring flowers in the garden
Laura was taken with the pretty pink flower, while Miranda was peering at a viola
"Look, the dianthus flower is the same colour as your dress Miranda" said Laura 
Florence loved the violas and primroses
then she spotted a duck and an egg beside the flowers
"Look Florence, I've found another duck and egg" said Laura
"I wasn't expecting any Easter eggs or ducks in the garden" exclaimed Florence 
"Look, here is another duck and egg" called Miranda
Suddenly the girls spotted the tree all decorated with eggs
"Oh, an Easter Tree" they cried, as they clustered around the tree
They started gathering all the eggs from the tree to take indoors to the family
Laura reached for a blue egg
They filled the basket they found at the base of the tree with all the eggs and ducks to join the chick which was already in the basket.
The Easter basket for all the doll family
Indoors the girls showed the basket of eggs, chick and ducks to baby Mabel
Baby Mabel hoped they were all for her,
but she thinks she might have to share them with the others
Happy Easter Monday to all our doll friends, with a special thank you to Sarah Williams, who at Christmas time when she sent the beautiful Vintage Sasha coat and hat set for Laura which I'd commissioned, also enclosed a bundle of clothes she had bought in the past which she no longer wanted and thought that my younger daughter might like.  These four lovely dresses and Florence's red socks were included.  Also a special thank you to Rosie Shortell who sent the gorgeous blue shoes for Laura as part of a thank you gift for something my daughter wrote for the 2015 souvenir booklet for the Sasha Festival in the USA (which sadly we cannot attend).


miniaturista said...

Que divertido, espero hayais pasado unas felices pascuas.
Un abrazo

Dee said...

How lucky that the weather was nice enough for the girls to get out into the garden and see all the lovely flowers and FIND the ducks and eggs!
They certainly had lots to fill their Easter basket with.

Lovely dresses and some of Rosie Stortall's shoes, which are lovely.
Hope you all enjoyed your Easter break

Ginger said...

How delightful for the girls to find an Easter egg tree! They look wonderful in their pretty dresses and their pretty, shiny hair and happy faces look wonderful in the sunshine. So nice to have a sunny day to find their Easter goodies. Baby Mabel is lucky to have such sweet big sisters! :) xxx

Kendal said...

What a wonderful surprise it must have been for the girls to suddenly spot an Easter Egg hunt whilst out in the sunshine admiring the new Spring flowers.... and beautifully dressed in their new Easter outfits.

I particularly loved the Easter egg shrub. What a find as that soon had their wicker basket full!
It's a wonder that they managed to actually carry it inside as it must have been really heavy.

How kind of Sarah and Rosie to send the girls those lovely shoes and clothes. Aren't Sasha people so kind, generous and thoughtful?

Wasn't it was great for all of us here in the UK to have such brilliant sunshine at long last?
Just MADE the Easter weekend!

twizel said...

A lovely post and great photos. nice to see your girls enjoying the sunshine, hope you had a great Easter too xx

Sharon said...

What a lovely bunch of photos of the girls enjoying their Easter Egg Hunt...and also their outfits are so pretty and bright, I love BRIGHT!! And the shoes! Your daughter must have loved it when that package came from Sarah :) I know I would have done :)
Hugs Sharon in Spain x

SimplySasha said...

Hi Dollmum
I know you are looking for a toddler...there is one on Shelly's site...a re wig...£600....

DollMum said...

We did love those packages of surprises. The toddler was snapped up by some other lucky person, I wasn't able to get to Shelly's site until this evening.

SimplySasha said...

Sorry to hear that ...will keep looking just in case another toddler comes up!!

Nonna said...

Just found your site. LOVE IT!