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Friday, 23 January 2015

Welcome Trendon Elliott

Miranda would like to introduce you to her new brother, Trendon Elliott.  He has come to join the family, and also the T*R*E*N*D*O*N gang, initiated by the combined efforts of Sasha Village and Simply Sasha towards the end of last year.

Miranda and Trendon Elliott 
comparing their eyes
Trendon Elliott
We weren't sure until he arrived whether he would be a full member of the gang (Trendon had to be his first name) or an associate member (Trendon as the second name), however after consulting the names book and testing out various options, my younger daughter chose Elliott.  So maybe his next clothing change will be to wear the Elliott shirt which is usually worn by Nicholas James.  He is wearing the clothes he brought with him (a lovely knitted blue sweater, white trousers and socks).  My daughter decided he couldn't be introduced to the others until he put on some shoes, so he is wearing one of the pairs of 2012 Sasha Festival trainers.

We are not sure if he is a Denims boy or a Blue suit boy (he has been restrung and has none of his original clothes), he has lovely puddle eyes, two toned blond hair and a larger silver wrist tag, which (according to the Sasha Dolls: Serie Identification book) means he was made in the period of 1970-1974.  I will take better photos of him during the day, as these don't do him justice (Shelly's photos of him are nicer).


Serenata said...

I love this era of dolls and he is no exception, he is a gorgeous lad and your girl has done great with choosing his name. He looks like he is going to settle in really well.

SimplySasha said...

Congratulations on your new boy! I love the name Elliott (as you know it is very special to me). If (T) Elliott is a hook and bar assembly he will have been made before June 1974. If he has a blue neck ring he was made between June 1974-December 1974 so that may be able to narrow it down even more to find out what he originally was...
He is a super little guy look forward to seeing more of him on your blog and at the CnS

DollMum said...

he is hook and bar with a white neck ring (same as baby Mabel and baby Leo) whereas all the others have the later stringing.

Kendal said...

Oh! I WAS wondering just WHO had bought THIS very handsome lad from Sashadolluk....luckily I haven't had to wait too long.
A very super looking boy!
My T*R*E*N*D*O*N KENDAL says, 'Welcome to the team!'

SimplySasha said...

Sounds as if he was probably a BLUE Denims boy then

Anonymous said...

What a handsome boy he is.
These eyes!
And the sweater matches them so well.
Welcome, Trendon Elliot!

Dee said...

I saw this lad on Shelly's and thought he looked very handsome especially in his blue sweater that goes with his eyes.

I look forward to adding him to Team Trendon and seeing him at the meeting in October :)
Little miss Dmd is good at naming Sasha's, big sisters are always a pain...but handy for extra dolls to play with ;)

Ginger said...

A very handsome boy to join the Trendon group! Very wonderful blue eyes! :) xxx

Sharon said...

What a lovely fellow he is and looks handsome in his blue sweater which matches his eyes perfectly. And a great name too! Well done DMD!!!
Hugs Sharon xx