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Friday, 2 January 2015

A Happy New Year story

Doll posing and storyline by DollMum's younger daughter, photos and words by DollMum.

Laura greets her white horse Emily with Clemence and baby Mabel
'I've got a surprise for you Emily' says Laura
As Laura walks away to fetch the surprise,
Mabel tries to stand to see Emily better...
...while cheeky Clemence climbs on calm Emily's head!
Laura greets the little white foal
'Clemence, what are you doing there' exclaims Laura
as she spies the little bear sitting on Emily's head
Clemence climbs down the stable roof
Laura opens the stable door
'Look Emily, see Scarlet, our new foal' says Laura
as she leads the new foal to the horse and pony in the stable
Laura introduces Emily and Scarlet to each other
Baby Mabel is very interested in Scarlet
Scarlet is also interested in baby Mabel
baby Mabel begs to be allowed to sit on Scarlet
Laura doubtfully agrees and holds onto
baby Mabel very carefully as she cuddles Scarlet
Laura leads Scarlet, with baby Mabel still riding, into Scarlet's stable
After lifting baby Mabel down from the foal,
Laura carefully closes Scarlet's stable door
'Happy New Year' say the girls and Clemence,
'we hope you like our new foal'
The 'Our Generation' foal was not one of the items I bought during my recent trip to Washington DC - I wasn't far from a Target store but didn't manage to visit it (Target stock all the 'Our Generation' dolls and accessories, including their horses).  In early December, during a quick trip into Smyth's toys superstore in the UK, I spotted that the Canadian 'Our Generation' dolls range has come to the UK.  My daughter's white horse is a Battat/Our Generation horse which I'd bought via ebay 3 years ago.  When I showed my younger daughter the range online, she was very excited about the foal and it wasn't too expensive (though would have been cheaper in the USA), so I bought it as part of her Christmas gift.

She decided to do this photo story showing how the horse and foal were introduced as a 'Happy New Year' greeting to all our doll friends.


Dee said...

Happy New Year and welcome to the new foal.
Lovely story of the foal's arrival and meeting your other horse.
Great photo's from dollmum too!

Serenata said...

Super post, how lovely that a little foal has joined your family.

Very best wishes for a Happy and Healthy Year filled with fun.

Sharon said...

Lovely story and photos from Young Miss DollMum... ;)
How nice to have the tiny foal, a little sweetie. Laura looks great in her new Christmas pressie coat and hat too :)
Happy New Year, hugs Sharon x

Kendal said...

What a lovely new addition to your Sasha collection. Scarlett is a delightful little foal and will be a great stable and paddock companion for Emily.

This post tells a super story and I can well appreciate the time and joint effort that has gone into its making.

I'm sure that your youngest daughter won't be long now in tackling a whole post all by herself (setting up the scene and characters, the posing, photographing AND wording) after such good tuition from you.
I'm already really looking forward to that.

Laura is obviously loving wearing her attractive new VS coat and hat and baby Mabel her new shoes.

Pleased to also see dear Bramber Bear Clemence getting in on the act.
Happy New Year to you all.

PS.A Horse just like, or very similar to, Emily is on my Sasha 2015 wish list!

miniaturista said...

Preciosa Historia
Un abrazo

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!
The fowl is lovely. And the Horse as well.
Lucky familiy with such 'great' members .)

Ginger said...

A delightful post and such a creative and sweet storyline! So nice to add a foal to the stable to keep Emily interested and active. Also nice for the baby Mabel too. Laura is just beautiful in her hat and coat. A very Happy New Year to you Doll Mum and your talented daughters. :) xxx