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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Lady Crazie visits the Gingerbread House

It is Epiphany, the Christmas decorations have been packed away apart from the crib scene as the Wise Men have come to visit.  However one item from Christmastide hasn't gone. In fact, I only made it a week after Christmas day - the gingerbread was cut and baked on 31 December 2014, the icing and assembly of the house was done on 1 January 2015.  This was my first attempt at a Gingerbread house (pretty messy) and Lady Crazie, all the way from Germany where these houses are very traditional, came to inspect our efforts, along with her new friends Clemence the bear and and Laura's Owl.

Owl and Lady Crazie perched on the Gingerbread house while Clemence enjoyed the rich smell of Gingerbread and icing
Owl liked his perch on the chimney, while Lady Crazie liked the roof
Clemence wanted to sample the house, but was afraid of upsetting the owner
Lady Crazie and Owl chirped and hooted to each other on the roof
Clemence tried the front door to see if anyone was at home
Clemence peered around the side of the Gingerbread house, was anyone there?
While the owl and Lady Crazie chirped and hooted at each other,
Clemence the bear went exploring round the house
to see if anyone was at home, he even looked through the back windows
Clemence peered around from the back of the house
Clemence was quite sure by this time that no one was at home,
Lady Crazie checked the front door again just to be sure.
Lady Crazie sat on the front door step of the Gingerbread house
Lady Crazie seemed to like the house, the owl came to perch on the roof
Clemence started to gnaw off some of the icing snow on the roof
The owl pecked at the roof icing
then flew with a piece of icing in his beak to the chimney perch
Clemence sat down to enjoy his piece of icing, with Lady Crazie
Lady Crazie with the gifts she brought from the Sasha Commoneos
The chocolates which Lady Crazie brought with her didn't last very long, my younger daughter (who helped me with this scene) ate the last one - the wrapper is shown in the photo above.  Also shown is a gorgeous little Christmas card, two beautiful miniature wooden reindeer and a photo card of the Sasha Commoneo family and Lady Crazie with her family whom she has left at home.  Thank you Anne for sending her to us, she has now gone upstairs (safely away from our dog), so who knows what adventures she will encounter next in our home.


SimplySasha said...

You made a wonderful gingerbread almost looks too good to eat!
Lovely post with sweet Clemence and Lady Crazie!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us your perfect, cosy and yummy looking gingerbreadhouse!
And Lady Crazie of course, with her new companions: the sweet little owl and Clemence, the bear.
What a sapid story!

Yes, we build a gingerbreadhouse ourself. It's called 'Pfefferkuchenhaus' here.
This year I tried to build it with Dominostein-cookies ( and wafle.
Glued with icing.
It looks...interesting. Not as good as yours!
But we ate it anyway :)

AuntLou said...

Cute! :)

Dee said...

Great Gingerbread house and lovely tale of Clemence, the owl and Lady Crazies inspection of it. Love how Clemence checked all round to see if anyone was home before he chewed on a piece of the roof!
Love the gift's Lady Crazie arrived with, she looks like she is settling in well with the family

Kendal said...

Drum roll.......and the winner of the Gingerbread House Bake-off is.... DollMum!
Congratulations and three cheers!

So pleased to see that Lady Crazie has settled in well over there and making friends quickly.

Loving the photos of those three exploring the very attractive house before treating themselves to a little sample tasting.

Super Christmas gifts sent with Lady Crazie but which must surely have slowed her flight down dramatically.

Serenata said...

What a great Gingerbread house - certainly very well done for a first!

This post reminds me a little of a fun series of photos does on Flickr with their Domos who are notorious cookie munchers and the building of a gingerbread house, or castle each year!

You've started a tradition now! ;-)

SimplySasha said...

You know you mentioned you were after a toddler yesterday? Well, there is one on UK Ebay...a CLAUDIUS...out in 7 days.....

DollMum said...

Ronnie, thanks for the tip about the toddler - will keep an eye on him.

Lorraine, I might well have started a tradition as I bought the Lakeland biscuit cutter set for the Gingerbread house, so have them to reuse next time. However if I do make it again, I might make some changes to the house so it isn't exactly the same as this one.

The German version made with Dominostein-cookies sounds interesting. I had some left over gingerbread so was able to cut out some snowman and gingerbread men (which have all been eaten), we'll get started on the house next (probably the path and trees first).

Ginger said...

What a wonderful gingerbread house!!! I have yet to make one but always appreciate seeing one and you have done a super job! Very sweet story with Clemence the bear and such a sweet owl too. Great post. :) xxx

Sharon said...

Oooooh yum, that does look like a nice tasty house! I love Gingerbread and bought a house last year from IKEA....ended up giving it away unmade up, but did keep some nice gingerbread biscuits for ourselves.
Glad to see that Lady Crazie is enjoying herself and settling in well :)
Hugs Sharon xx