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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Welcome Elizabeth, and a Rainbow visitor

A certain little girl had a birthday during February.  She had requested 'another doll' and she got 'another doll' only this time it wasn't a Gotz or an Aussie girl, but a Euro Girl doll.  I had found her on ebay about 3 months ago and she was sent from the USA.  Euro Girl dolls are no longer made, and I liked this one because guess what - she came in an ice skating outfit complete with skates!  I think there is a theme going amongst the play dolls in this family, except of course the Aussie girls whose feet are too big for the Gotz skates (I've still got to do something about that, as currently they sit in the deck chairs and act as the 'judges' for Dancing on Ice).

My little girl named her new doll 'Elizabeth'.  As you can see from the photo, Elizabeth has dark hair, and wears a delightful white skating outfit with butterfly sequin design on her chest and fluffy decorations on the shoulders and round the waist.  Her feet are smaller than the Gotz doll feet, she fits Sasha shoes, so her skates are the same as Susie's skates.  She is the same height as Susie too, and has a lovely cheerful face.

 Elizabeth, Matilda, Belle and Samantha

Here is Elizabeth with Matilda.
The flash has hidden the detail on her dress
(and the colourful bits are stickers, not part of the original dress),
I'll try to take another photo during daylight. 
My younger child attends Rainbows, whilst her sister is a Guide.  At Rainbows they have a mascot doll, who lives in a bag with her own travel book.  This doll is given to a different Rainbow each week and the Rainbows record her adventures in the book.  They draw pictures, write something if they can (Rainbows are aged 5 - 7) and stick photos of Olivia enjoying her week.  This week she came home to us (the last time we had her was in July last year).  She has been getting to know the doll inhabitants of our home.

Belle, Olivia the visiting Rainbow, and Anna


Florine said...

I love seeing your dolls! Elizabeth is enchanting!

Pan said...

Your dolls are so real looking. Incredible detail and I love the outfits. Welcome Elizabeth.

DollMum said...

Olivia has gone home with another Rainbow now, but she enjoyed her visit to our home.