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Sunday, 14 March 2010

A Mothering Sunday welcome to 6 new followers

In the UK it is Mothering Sunday today (as part of Lent).  My 6 year old took Samantha to Church this morning in her Kimono, at the end of the service the vicar handed out bunches of daffodils for all the children (and grown up children) to give to their mothers.  For a little while Samantha held the daffodils.  When we got home we found that some of the crocuses are in full bloom in a tub in the front garden, so this was a photo opportunity for Samantha.  My little girl wanted to send the photo to someone, so I'm posting it here to share with everyone who follows this blog, whether you are a mother or not.

Samantha and the crocuses

In the past couple of weeks 6 more people have decided to follow my blog, they are:

Roberta (a cat lover like me) blogs in Italian and English and makes some lovely creations (see her outdoor chair made of cardboard but looks like it is made of metal

Rosanne Saw sews dolls clothes for play dolls in Australia - it was her site that helped me in my hunt for a UK source of shoes to fit the Australian Girl dolls

Maria Jose  lives in Spain and blogs in Spanish.  She makes all sorts of lovely miniatures.

Franberry is a self confessed Sasha addict!!! She seems to have quite an extensive collection of beautiful Sasha Dolls, and a little girl to help her enjoy them

Montse blogs in Spanish and has a fascinating collection of all sorts of dolls

Marleen blogs in Dutch and English and makes miniature bears.  She is lucky enough to have a whole 'hobby room' for her miniatures

Welcome everyone, thank you for reading my blog.


More2view said...

Happy Mothering Day! CM

Jo said...

Happy Mothering Sunday! It's so nice to find out where traditions come from and why one country would be different from another - so thanks for telling me! I always thought by name alone the English one is more traditional and the rest of the world more commercial. I love Samantha's kimono, she looks beautiful ;-)

synnøve said...

What a lovely taught. The doll is so cute and looks so life like, as all your dolls :-) I love the picture!
Synnøve x