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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A snowy welcome

Because of my blog silence (almost) over Christmas, I've been remiss in not welcoming two new followers:

Neither Lúcia Soares and Pandora Box appear to have blogs, but both seem to be following several blogs - welcome to my blog.

Tonight it is snowing heavily again - it started here just before 8 pm.  As it is Twelfth Night, I undecorated our little potted Christmas tree and put it out in the garden, about 45 minutes later it looked like this:

Since then my husband has looked out and and commented that it is now so covered in snow it isn't so photogenic.  Poor little tree, going from a warm house to snow in one quick move!  I hope it survives.  We've got at least 2 1/2 inches now, and it is set to continue.  Goodness knows if the schools will be open in the morning, and what the roads will be like.  At the office today we were told to bring work home just in case, but I shall find it difficult to work if the girls are at home too so I'm hoping that the schools will be open and that we'll manage to get them there (and me to work).  Apparently this is the worst cold snap that England has seen in 30 years.  I'm hoping to photograph the Aussie girls Matilda and Belle in the snow tomorrow with the little tree, but am not sure what Belle will wear on her feet, as we've only got one pair of boots that will fit (Matilda's boots).  So maybe they will have to take it in turns to go outside!

I've spent part of this evening continuing with Peter's skating outfit.  A few days ago I bought some black stretch jersey material and made him some skating leggings.  Now I am using the silvery material from which Lacey's skating skirt was made to make him a top, however because the silvery material is so slippery to sew, I've made the bodice double layered - with the black jersey on the inside of the top.  It has turned out very well, and all I need to do now is sew the fastenings on the back and some sequins, but that is a job for tomorrow night, as it is late and I've burned the candle at both ends too many nights in a row.

Oh, it is tomorrow already - goodnight!

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Pan said...

Hi. Sorry I didn't see your welcome before. I do indeed have a blog and thank you for joining Smallstuff. I love the Barbie clothes you have posted on here. :-)