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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Aussie Girls enjoy the snow!

This morning we woke to 3 1/4 inches of snow, and we had it light compared to some areas in the UK. The girls were up and dressed in record time (why is it that on a normal school morning my elder girl in particular won't get up, but on a snowy day she is all bright and breezy!). Both their schools were closed, as are most in the area, and where I work was closed too (though I could work at home as some of my colleagues will). But my neighbour suggested I enjoy the day with the girls and the snow rather than try and work with a house full of kids and dog.

Matilda and Belle with the snowgirl in our front garden. 
Matilda even has snow in her hand.

My husband cleared the drive and provided us with a mound of snow for the snowgirl. Then Matilda and Belle borrowed warm clothes (the ones that would fit) from the Gotz girls. Fortunately Peter's original shoes are a looser fit on him and Belle's feet fit them snugly, so she was able to join Matilda on her snowy adventure. The Gotz girls and boy stayed indoors in the warm - we don't have enough warm coats for them all to venture out at once! So it looks like I need to get sewing again.

Close up of Matilda and Belle with the snowgirl
 With our little Christmas tree in the back garden
See their feet sinking in the snow!
So here you go - the first photos of Australian Girl Dolls in English snow. Don't they look pleased!


Sarah said...

Your Aussie girls look like they had a great time out in the snow too!
We have quite a bit of snow here too................very pretty it is to look at........

Sandra Morris said...

Love the snowman!! Bet he took a while to build.... very professional.

DollMum said...

Great but brief time, snow makes their boots wet!

The snowgirl took about an hour to build with buckets of snow from the drive being shovelled clear (only to be snowed on later in the day). She is the best effort at building snowmen I've ever made, and we think she looks like the sister of Blake's classic 'The Snowman'.

Papillon Bleu said...

Oh! it seems that they are having so much fun!Was it their first snow?if so, I hope they've made a wish.

DollMum said...

I think they wished for more clothes of their own - my list of things to sew is growing...