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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Dancing on Ice week 1

This evening was the first installment of the 2010 series of Dancing on Ice with Torvill and Dean.  I had finished Peter's skating outfit a couple of nights ago, in time for the start, so at last he has something to wear to tie in with the girls.  When the programme started my little one insisted that all the dolls with skates had to change into their skating outfits, and the whole lot of dolls, including the new Aussie girls ended up on the sofa with my girls to watch the programme.  Somehow my husband managed to squeeze in too, as he likes the programme and usually has interesting things to say about each performance with the eyes of a layperson who has only skated once.  Belle likes Harriet's original knitted dress, but I realised for the snow photos that it really is too short on her to be called a dress (although the dolls are the same height, the difference in their proportions does make a difference to how the clothes look on them), so I lent her Anna's skirt that I had made some months ago, as the elastic on the skirt isn't too tight for her waist.  I think it looks pretty good with the cream jumper.

All the dolls:  l-r Harriet, Anna, Matilda, Jayne, Belle, Samantha and Peter
my girls are hidden in there somewhere

My elder daughter was allowed to stay up for the skate off, but we recorded it for the younger one, as it was definitely well past her bedtime and she had a late night on Saturday.

Later Peter tried his skating moves with Harriet and then Anna.  But I think he would secretly like to skate with Matilda, if only I can organise some skates for her and Belle.  I suspect I shall have to buy some Gotz skates and use the blades on some home-made skates.

Harriet and Peter who is wearing his new black leggings and silver top
I french-plaited Harriet's hair
Showing Peter's top made with that difficult silver material
Peter and Anna


Florine said...

The skating outfits are lovely! What a beautiful job you've done!

DollMum said...

Thank you Florine. I made the girl's skating dresses last year when the previous series of Dancing on Ice was on TV - see Peter has had to wait a long time for his outfit as I've been distracted by making other outfits for gifts.

pueppilottchens-spielzeug-blog said...

wow - the skating outfits are great and the pictures too. i love the one with your girls hiding behind all the dolls ;D!!


Jo said...

They're so cute! Now I understand your love of ice-skating! Your dolls are beautiful, I've been researching all those types of dolls online...very tempting!

DollMum said...

The girls didn't know why I was asking them to hide behind the dolls but they played along anyway ;-)

Needless to say they are never satisfied, still want more skating outfits, but I'm not set up for sewing at the moment, so dolls and girls will have to wait.

Rebecca said...

Great outfits, and what terrific partners the dolls make! With all the snow you've had outside, having ice-skating dance-offs between the dolls seems a great way to pass the time. Did the dolls go out at all, to try out some real ice? Or would they have needed skis? Anyway, hope you and the girls have survived it all!

DollMum said...

They decided not to go outside, by then the snow was slush (though we had another burst of it during the week, though all gone now), so even skis would have been problematic! It was just the Aussie girls who tried out the snow to pose with the snowgirl and tree - well they were curious, the Gotz crowd had seen it all before.

Ann said...

You have a lovely doll family and have done a great job with their outfits.