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Friday, 15 October 2021

Sasha Festival 2021 outfits and welcome Roxane

 A few weeks after the Sasha Festival in the USA which we couldn't attend, we received our souvenir outfits in the post from Gabi Bolland. The souvenirs also included two Bolland doll stands, the festival craft kits (the rainbow tutus and underwear) and the white sneakers/trainers for decorating with felt tip pens, which we haven't done yet. I've made up one tutu, and my younger daughter hasn't made up her tutu yet, so these are not included in our photos.

Nicholas James, Melanie, Laura and Trendon Elliott in their 'Sasha Reads a Rainbow' outfits

I completed my last module of my post graduate degree in September after 2.5 years of studying, so treated myself to a new doll. She is my first Sylvia Natterer doll (a Minouche which is the Natterer toddler) and is made by Petitcollin of France.

"Hello, I'm Louisa, this is Edmund. What is your name?" asked Louisa as the new girl arrived.

"Hello, my name is Roxane"

"Here Roxane, have a teddy bear" said Edmund

"Oh, lovely teddy" exclaimed Roxane

"Thank you for the teddy, Edmund and Louisa" said Roxane

Louisa, Edmund and Roxane posed with their toys before going off to play.

The Natterer toddler is fractionally taller than the Sasha toddlers however her feet are narrower. I bought 2 other pairs of shoes for her so will make her some outfits of her own to match her other shoes.

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Lorraine said...

Congratulations on finishing your degree and on your new doll. She fits in with the Sasha toddler dolls really well and is lovely.