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Monday, 18 October 2021

Chat n Snap 2021

There was no Chat 'n Snap in 2020 because of the pandemic and the 2021 event was held with some precautions in place: fewer attendees allowed, doors and windows of the hall all wide open, no theme display or additional doll displays, lateral flow tests beforehand and mask wearing by some people. Despite all that, it was a very enjoyable day, so lovely to see familiar faces again and meet some new Sasha people.

This was my first Chat 'n Snap without my younger daughter, she wanted to come but had musical and volunteering commitments so instead I kept her updated with a few photos via WhatsApp. Jocelyn gave me a lift (thank you Jocelyn) and we had a good catch up on the journey there and back. When we arrived we found the sales tables were in their final stages of being set up.

Sasha sales tables being set up

The only child at the Chat 'n Snap (until her big brother arrived in time for the raffle). Permission was given for me to take and post her anonymous photo on my blog by her grandparents.

Looking at some of the Sasha goodies on sale, before sales opened

Petrana's wonderful Sasha shoe shop

On Linda's stall I spotted a long sought after item...

I had a very useful discussion with Chris about her milliput method for restoring chewed limbs of a baby waif I had just purchased.

More sales tables (Lee's, Judiths Dollydoodles and in the distance Theresa's stall)

Theresa's sales table (I watched the Doucet pram being bought by a delighted person)

When the sales opened, I went to Linda's stall and bought this sofa which I had spotted earlier, then a sleepsuit for the baby waif from Dollydoodles. I also bought four pairs of toddler size shoes from Petrana, a doll magazine from Linda, a lovely lilac outfit consisting of a floral skirt, tights, cardigan and hat from Dawn (which she said was something she made for the 2012 Sasha Festival) and 3 t-shirts for toddlers from Ginny (Passion for Sasha). Oh, and a wonderful piece of rainbow themed knitwear (a hoodie with wooden toggle buttons) which Linda had only finished making the night before, it became a gift for my daughter (she was delighted put it on Nicholas James over his Sasha festival dungarees when I got home).

My new baby waif in her Dollydoodles sleepsuit with Roxane on the sofa. 

On the stage instead of the theme display was the raffle. There were 3 main prizes including this baby layette and two dolls, though the first two people to win actually went for Catherine French's wonderful fine knitwear (a sweater and a beret).

Raffle prizes

Raffle prizes including the Gregor who was the final prize

Raffle prizes including the Sasha who was the final prize

Later, after eating lunch and chatting to Sasha friends, I met new Sasha collectors while admiring the six Sasha Studio dolls Diane brought to show people, including the toddler my daughter and I first met in 2017 when she still belonged to Dorisanne in the USA.

Diane had brought six of her Studio dolls to show a couple of people new to Sasha collecting the wonderful variations in the different Sasha Studio dolls. 

One of the Sasha Studio dolls

Diane's lovely Sasha Studio dolls

I had brought Melanie, Nicholas James, Trendon Elliott and Laura in their Sasha 'Read a Rainbow' Festival outfits (all in one bag) and they all gathered around the new sofa.

Sofa so comfortable!

Dee, one of her daughters and Dawn did the raffle draw, which lasted quite some time as there were so many prizes, though there were sometimes bumper moments when people were asked to grab 4 or 5 items in a countdown!

Raffle time!

None of my own tickets were drawn however I was gifted 3 raffle tickets from Jocelyn and Susan (thank you both) so was lucky enough to win some Suzanna Lewis knitting patterns, a pretty white and blue ditsy floral dress and some miniature colouring pencils.

Thank you Dee and helpers for another very enjoyable Chat 'n Snap.


twizel said...

A great day indeed and so nice to see you again x

Theodora said...

It was lovely to see you there and to meet up with everyone, after such a long time. Lovely photos and a nice reminder of a really nice day.

Serenata said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time and managed to get some nice items.

Dee said...

Lovely photos of what was happening. Nice sofa you got from Linda.
There was a lovely buzz to the day due to everyone finally having a chance
to meet up after so long.
It's all the lovely friendly people that make the day such a great success.