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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Hats for Jenny and Lexie

I have designed a hat pattern for Jenny and Lexie, my Heather Maciak dolls.  These knitted hats are made to go with the sweater pattern I designed for the dolls after meeting Heather in Vancouver during November 2015.  They can also fit Heather's 8.5 inch Emily and Annie dolls.

The hats modeled in these photos, taken just after Christmas 2016, were knitted specially for Heather and posted to her in February 2017.  

Lexie wearing the rainbow fair-isle pattern hat
Lexie likes the multi-coloured pom pom on the top of the hat
Jenny shows off the blue and red fair-isle hearts patterned hat
Jenny likes the 3 coloured pom pom on the hat
My Jenny and Lexie modelling the hats, Christmas 2016

Heather explained to me that they arrived in the middle of a snowy period when she was recovering from a heavy cold and reading books in front of her fire (sounds cosy) and they brightened her day. Once her cold was better she was able to venture outdoors into the snow-covered garden to photograph her Jenny and Lexie wearing their sweaters, hats and some matching mittens sent to her by Susan Scribner several years ago when it last snowed in the island.

Heather's Lexie and Jenny rushed out into the freezing weather, cosily dressed in their sweaters, hats and mittens.  The following photos were sent to me by Heather Maciak.

Heather's Lexie and Jenny in the Vancouver Island snow (photo Heather Maciak)
Heather's Lexie looks like she is about to scoop up some snow for a snowman, Jenny is pleased to be wearing a warm hat (photo Heather Maciak)
"Look, no mittens!" say Heather's Lexie and Jenny as they defy the cold to show they cannot lose their mittens which have cords threaded up the sleeves of their sweaters (photo Heather Maciak)
The hat pattern is now available as a free download on Ravelry (you need a Ravelry account to access it) - as with the sweater pattern I am sharing this pattern openly using a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike Non-commercial licence - you are welcome to knit this for your 8 inch dolls but may not sell the pattern or sell your knitting from the pattern unless you contact me for permission.  I reserve the right to make the hat to sell. 

I now plan to knit hats to match the sweaters which I made for my own Jenny and Lexie, in purple and denim blue.


Ginger said...

Lexie and Jennie are very sweet and your knitted hats are so very nice! I can imagine that when Heather received the package it was a real pick-me-up for her. A wonderful post. 😊 xxx

Heather Maciak Originals said...

Thanks for including my pictures, Anna! I love the beautiful knitwear that you've created for my girls- they are little masterpieces in miniature, and I know they will keep Lexie and Jenny warm and cozy for years to come-- thank-you!! Heather xo

Kendal said...

Just the ticket for preventing the enormous heat loss that happens through the head!
Such pretty fair-isle designs and attractive pom-poms and they go perfectly with the cardigans and mittens.
How kind and thoughtful of you to share your very own patterns with other like-minded knitters.

Gregor Daddies said...

Very cute hats and cardigans! I really like the heart pattern.

Dee said...

That hats are the perfect compliment to the jackets and look lovely on all the dolls shown.
Very handy that they arrived in Canada in time to keep Heather's girls warm when they ventured outside in the snow.

I have a couple of cardigan's knitted by Jane Woodward for my girls, I really must take some photos and share them !

Sharon said...

These are lovely hats Anna and I can see that Heather's girls are happy with them too, having arrived with perfect timing! I suspect they made a snowman afterwards and were very grateful to have such warm mittens to go with the cardigans and hats!

Angelo's Papa said...

You did a great job knitting these outfits and I really like your stranded colour work. The bright colours are always welcome as far as I'm concerned. I admired your hats, especially.