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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Comparing the small dolls

When we visited Lorraine so that Peggy Sue could realise her dream of a new bookcase, we also took along my collection of 8 inch and 8.5 inch dolls. We wanted to compare them with Lorraine's 8 inch Diana Effner Heartstrings dolls, Poppy and Tommy. I have 3 Patsi dolls by Heidi Plusczok - Anniversary Patsi, Florida Patsi and California Patsi. I also have my 4 Heather Maciak dolls - Jenny and Lexie (porcelain), Emily and Annie (vinyl).

We lined the dolls up side by side to compare their heights, faces and proportions.
L-R: Florida Patsi, California Patsi, Anniversary Patsi, Annie, Emily, Jenny, Lexie, Poppy, Tommy
Florida Patsi, California Patsi, Anniversary Patsi, Annie, Emily
Emily, Jenny, Lexie, Poppy, Tommy
Annie, Emily, Jenny, Lexie, Poppy, Tommy
A diagonal view attempting to show their different profiles - Florida Patsi, California Patsi, Anniversary Patsi, Annie, Emily, Jenny, Lexie, Poppy, Tommy
Heartstrings dolls belonging to Lorraine: Poppy and Tommy
Soon the dolls found their way into Madeline's house.  Madeline was delighted to welcome so many visitors even though they were all taller than her (she is 7 inches tall).
Jenny, Madeline and Lexie sat at the table and chatted
Three cheerful dolls chatting - Jenny, Madeline and Lexie
Poppy and Tommy were deep in conversation
Florida Patsi was feeling exuberant as she chatted with Emily and her peg doll
Shy little Anniversary Patsi was pleased to talk with Annie
California Patsi had been fussing the dogs so needed to wash her hands
It was a very happy and busy afternoon in Madeline's house.
Madeline entertains her visitors
It was fascinating to compare these little artist dolls.  The Heartstrings dolls are slim, like the Plusczok dolls so could possibly be about age 7 or 8, whereas Jenny and Lexie are 'forever five year olds'.  Annie and Emily are only slightly taller and are probably about age 6.  The Heartstrings dolls have much smaller feet than the Maciak and Plusczok dolls.    Jenny and Lexie (and probably Annie and Emily, though I haven't tried yet) borrow clothes and shoes from the 3 Patsi girls quite regularly.


Anonymous said...

So much life in that small house!
These tiny doll are so lovely. Saving so much space :)

(I remembered just the Annette Himstedt dolls, who are usually big like children- and sorry, I never liked them. I won't hurt anyones feeling, but I ever thought I would be scared if meeting them at night in a dark flat.)

Angelo's Papa said...

Thank you for such an informative post. I enjoyed seeing them all together so I could compare them. That Tommy is such a cutie. You're so lucky you got to go for a visit at Lorraine's house.

Kendal said...

Such a useful and informative post for those of you collecting these smaller dolls as it's often so difficult to judge the doll's sizes unless you have other dolls standing by their sides.
This must be even more useful when trying to chose which clothing might fit them.