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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Sasha Christmas Day 2016

On Christmas Eve my girl and I had fun dressing all our Sasha family in their Christmas clothes (yes, despite it being a day which is always extremely busy with preparations for Christmas day, we found time for dolls).

Nicholas James very generously invited our newest boy Timothy to wear his treasured polar bear sweater which he received in last year's Sasha Secret Santa, as Timothy had no other clothes apart from his original outfit and the striped t-shirt I gave him when he arrived.  The girls put on their best Christmas dresses, the boys Christmas sweaters or t-shirts (Edmund was allowed to wear one of the Gregor Christmas t-shirts we received from Dorisanne in 2012) and babies Leo and Mabel put on the reindeer and snowman outfits.  However our newest babies Amy (the Christmas day doll from 2015), Nina (who arrived in January) and Daisy (my daughter's raffle doll from the 2016 Sasha Celebration) did not have Christmas dresses, so stayed in their current outfits.

On Christmas morning they all came downstairs to see what was inside the Secret Santa parcels.

l-r: Miranda, Reuben, baby Daisy, baby Leo, Nicholas James, baby Amy, Timothy, baby Mabel, Trendon Elliott, baby Nina, Florence, toddler Edmund, Laura, Melanie in their Christmas outfits waiting for the opening of  the Secret Santa gifts.
In their letter to Santa (via Lorraine) was the following message:

Edmund would love his very own Christmas motif knitted sweater (Toddler boy, red hair)
Amy would love a Christmas dress (Baby Ginger - red hair)
Daisy would love a Christmas dress (Baby girl with blond hair)
Nina would love a Christmas dress (Baby Little Flower, dark curly hair)
The babies would also appreciate some tights (any colours, patterned or plain)
Any 3 of the above would be great.  If a dress could be smocked (simple smocking) this would be very much appreciated as my girl loves smocked dresses for the dolls.  I will teach her how to do smocking seeing as she is managing cross stitch very well.

4 exciting little packages arrived in the mail from the USA from Mary R, one of them labelled to my daughter and I, the others had no labels. 

Inside the three unlabelled packages were delightful Christmas dresses and one of them was smocked, much to my daughter's delight.  There was a green dress, a red dress with white snowmen and a red, gold and green dress (smocked), all three had matching underwear.  In the package for us was three pairs of baby tights: green, red and white, perfect for matching their dresses (worn underneath the knickers).

We soon worked out who suited each dress best, with baby Amy receiving the smocked dress, baby Nina the red dress with snowmen and baby Daisy the green dress with gingerbread teddies.
Nina wears her red dress with snowmen
Daisy wears her green dress with gingerbread teddies and Amy wears her smocked red, green and gold dress while holding Timothy's hand
l-r: Miranda, baby Leo, Reuben, baby Daisy, Nicholas James, baby Amy, Timothy and Trendon Elliott in their Christmas clothes
l-r: baby Amy, Timothy, Trendon Elliott, baby Nina, Florence, Edmund, Laura, baby Mabel and Melanie in their Christmas clothes
All the Sasha and Gregor children and babies in their Christmas outfits
We are thrilled with the new dresses for the babies and Edmund loves the t-shirt from Dorisanne (it has 'Hug me its Christmas' on the front) especially as he likes hugs.  Thank you to Mary R who sent them to us, the babies look lovely in these outfits.  And thank you Lorraine for organising the swap again - we do enjoy participating in them.

What we sent to Ursula in Germany will be in the next post.


Kendal said...

They all look so 'festively' dressed ready to enjoy the GREAT day. How wonderful is that?
(I'm feeling very guilty as my 'kids' are still in their SCW display outfits from May!)

SimplySasha said...

Your Sasha family all look very smart. Hope you had a lovely wishes for 2017!

Serenata said...

Wonderful to see what they got in their Secret Santa parcel, they all look lovely in their festive wear. So glad you enjoyed the swap.

Ginger said...

A wonderful Sasha family and it is so nice to see their new holiday outfits. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas. 😊 xxx

Sharon said...

Looks like the kids had a great Christmas Dollmum, I hope you and your family did too :)
Happy New Year to you all.