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Saturday, 24 December 2016

A postcard from Henry

In the week before Christmas Laura and her girl received a letter from Henry.
"Look, a letter!"
"A puzzle card - what fun, we need to make the puzzle to find the message."
"We're doing well with the borders"
"Last piece!"
"We have a picture of the Carisbrooke Castle donkey"
"Let's read the message on the other side"
Dear Laura, Peggy Sue and I had a lovely week on the Isle of Wight.  We got to see some amazing things.  This castle was such fun and we got to watch the donkey turning the wheel.  I bet you are looking forward to Christmas as are we!  We have got the smaller trees up which the girls have been decorating.  Love Henry ;-) xxx
This was the donkey with the wheel at Carisbrooke Castle
Laura was very pleased with the postcard - thank you Henry and Peggy Sue.


Henry Holiday said...

So glad your received your card Laura and that you enjoyed doing the puzzle. These puzzle cards are such fun.

I hope you have a really lovely Christmas. We all send our love,

Henry, Peggy Sue and the Rose Cottage Family.

Angelo's Papa said...

I've never seen a puzzle postcard before - how neat! Merry Christmas to you, Henry. You've been a good friend all the past year. I look forward to seeing more of your travel adventures in the new year. Your friend, Angelo