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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter

We visited Leicester Cathedral for Easter today as a certain person was singing in the choir for Evensong and wanted to come home for the holidays afterwards.  

Laura and Isabel decided they wanted to join us on the outing.
Laura and Isabel found the way to the Cross
They also found the empty tomb on Easter afternoon, along with a pet chick who had climbed into their travelling bag
The rolled up grave clothes were lying in the entrance to the empty tomb
Laura, Isabel and Chick sat down to admire the Easter Garden outside Leicester Cathedral in glorious sunshine
The blue sky above the Cathedral was beautiful but not long afterwards it clouded over and rained
Inside the Cathedral Isabel found the Archbishop's carved wooden throne
The choir were rehearsing for Evensong. Laura and Isabel enjoyed listening to the uplifting music made by choir and organ.
The stained glass window showing the risen Christ over the high altar was lit up by the afternoon sunshine (before the rain)
Laura, Isabel and Chick enjoyed their Easter outing to Leicester Cathedral.


Dee said...

A wonderful place to celebrate Easter day. How lovely for Laura and co to get to visit and see the Cathedral and to hear the wonderful up lifting songs from the choir.
The sun shine through the window I am sure was a beautiful sight. Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter. There's nothing better than a lovely sunny day whilst visiting something special.

Kendal said...

What a wonderful visit to celebrate Easter Sunday!
Loved how Laura and Isabel are learning in 'a hands on' experience the Story of Good Friday to Easter Day.
How proud you all must have been hearing your eldest daughter singing in the Catherdal choir. One of my nieces used to sing in Lancaster Cathedral choir over the three years whilst at the University there. (Not sure if she continued this whilst at Norwich and now at Cambridge Universities...must remember to ask.)
The picture you painted of the sun shining through that stained glass window depicting the Resurrection over the altar sounds beautiful and most impressive.
Happy Easter to you all! (Hope that my Eadster card arrived in time!)

Ginger said...

What a lovely day and such a beautiful Cathedral to visit to celebrate Easter! I love to see the inside of the Cathedral too, the gorgeous stained glass windows are wonderful. The risen Christ is perfect for our Easter celebration. So happy that Laura and others were able to attend. Thank you for a beautiful post. :) xxx

Sharon said...

A lovely way to celebrate Easter and the girls (and their little chick friend) looked like they found it all very interesting too.

Angelo's Papa said...

Hi Laura & Isabel. What a beautiful cathedral to visit. I admit I would have had to sit on the archbishop's throne! Your friend, Angelo