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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Chat n Snap 2015

The third Chat n Snap organised by Dee was a great opportunity to catch up with fellow Sasha doll collectors.  There were several displays along with the sales tables and raffles.  

We brought all 9 of our Sasha and Gregor dolls as well as the newly restored Ponfa pram.  I had printed out all the blog posts about the pram restoration and put all 25 pages(!) into plastic wallets in a ring binder for those who hadn't seen the blog posts to leaf through.  I had several interesting conversations about prams, comparing restoration stories (when people had done a bit of work on their prams) and ended up giving some advice to others who had problems with their prams (such as the suspension straps falling off their hooks from the chassis - usually because the chassis arms are too close together).

Trendon Elliott joined the Trendon gang on the stage, they got rather overwhelmed by a crowd of Gotz dolls. Laura and Florence modelled outfits I'd made (which didn't sell, there was too much lovely choice on other tables and we very few items to sell as I've had no making time this year).

The medieval castle and well dressed Sasha and Gregor occupants
Medieval themed outfits
I think the modern children on the rocking horse were playing a flying horse visit back in time to the medieval period
The Gotz crowd on the stage
Trendon Elliott (in his Elliott shirt) and some of the other Trendon gang on the stage, including rare Trendon toddlers 
The rare Trendon toddlers and Kendal's horse and polo riding Gregor
Miranda and Edmund with our newly restored Ponfa pram and the beautifully dressed choir girls, Nicholas James is wearing his New Zealand shirt (from Lorraine) on the left of the group
Miranda and Edmund with our Ponfa pram, two beautifully dressed school girls by Catherine F stand behind them
The wonderful choir girls, I love that they were all wearing different coloured shoes
Babies Mabel and Leo sit among other visiting Sasha dolls
Reuben in the elephant shirt and Nicholas James in the NZ shirt among other visiting Sasha dolls.  I think they were discussing the Rugby, it seams that Nicholas James won as NZ beat SA later that afternoon in the Rugby World cup
Some gorgeous rare early Trendon children
More gorgeous rare early Trendon children
More of the Sasha display of visiting dolls, including course dolls and toddlers
These toddlers were enjoying the calf
Dawn's gorgeous dolls, she knitted this beautiful cardigan and beret
A Doucet pram (larger than our Ponfa pram) in a group of visiting dolls, including a curly haired Claudius belonging to Gayle
A very modern girl on the left, the Doucet pram and a happy group of dolls
The Sasha raffle - the winner was Tricia J who was thrilled to win this entire collection of goodies including the doll. She subsequently gave the ballet outfit to my younger daughter, so Miranda changed her clothes to do ballet (and ended up being photographed by Kendal's daughter on the rocking horse!)
The other raffle, first prize was the baby
More of the visiting dolls on display
Some toddler girls belonging to different people all wearing dresses knitted by Diane D
Toddler girls showing off their knitted dresses
Kendal's photography studio in the porch, she photographed Laura wearing the new dress which Kendal gave to my daughter (several people gave my daughter gifts at the CnS)
Laura in her dress bought from Diane D
Most of the Trendon gang had dispersed by the time I took a photo of Trendon (Dee), Trendon Mullins (Ginger) and Trendon Elliott (our boy) on the stage.  Trendon Mullins had flown all the way from the USA without his mum to join the fun
Thank you Dee for another very enjoyable Chat 'n Snap, it went far too fast even with the additional hour!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!
I was so sad not to meet you in person. But there will be another chance, I hope :)

So many lovely dolls, so many great outfits - what a fun day!

Serenata said...

Looks like it was a really great event - lots to see, do and buy! I bet many people went home with much heavier bags and lighter purses!

Lovely to see all the photos - some great outfits.

Ginger said...

Thank you Doll Mum for these lovely photos! I am going to look at them again and again. I love that Sasha collectors are so generous and share outfits so lovingly with your daughter. Kendal's area to take photographs was inspired and a very nice feature to offer since so many people are taking photos. :)

Thank you for showing the raffles and the display dolls too. I am glad Trendon Mullins was in the group and he looks right at home with his handsome Trendon brothers. I really enjoyed seeing them together.

A wonderful day for you all and I thank you again for this lovely post. :) xxx

Dee said...

The day goes so fast, could do with having another session today!But maybe just for the chatting, as there barely seems enough time to talk to everyone.

Loved seeing your gorgeous pram that's now up to date with it's unique green apron. Looks like everyone had a great time and we raised a good sum over £800 for Charity.

Carol said...

Love all of the detail in your photos. Your pram is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing your photos. Appreciate seeing the day from your vision. Great photos!!

Triciamj said...

Great photos of a fabulous day. Your pram is stunning!

DotBoo said...

I know that my comment is way off the subject of your posting which is very interesting, but I was looking for information on a doll that was given to me which is a Angelina from the 2000 collection. I was trying to find inspirations to re-dress her, but everything I found was for a baby doll. Ashley is between 14 and 15 inches African American lady doll. As I was browser your site I like the way your dolls are dressed, especially model wear. I think I am trying to find the right size patterns. I hope there is some information you can give me or direct me in the right path.
Thank You in advance.

Kendal said...

Loved seeing all your photos since I haven't got round to blooging mine as yet....although there weren't anywhere near as many taken as last year due the fact that Dee had put on her CnS blog post that people weren't to handle the dolls without the owner's permission.... and I wasn't sure just who owned which dolls!

Your lovingly and carefully restored Ponfa pram looked fantastic and adore the colour that you had chosen for the hood and apron. This will certainly stand out stunningly from the others in their paler more pastel colours.

I felt quite sorry for the Trendon lads and their first meeting together as they were certainly rather overshadowed and pushed to the side and back by the 'No/Button nosed gang.

The many sales tables were full of Sasha Doll temptations that I could have spent a fortune....well that is, if I'd had the money!
Luckily what I lacked in money and photographing I managed to make up in meeting the other collectors (both old friends and new!) and talking!

DollMum said...

DotBoo - you need to get a copy of A Dolls Dressmaker by Venus Dodge. It is out of print however it has a wonderful choice of patterns for porcelain collector's dolls such as yours. The clothes are mostly old fashioned however the patterns can be adapted for modern use (less in the way of frills). If you are any good at resizing patterns you might also want to get hold of modern patterns for 18" American Girl dolls and scale them down slightly for a 14"/15" doll. Good luck