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Monday, 10 August 2015

Laura in London again

On a glorious sunny Sunday afternoon Laura set off with her family to London again for another outing.  We had a date with the BBC Proms again (Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and Berlioz Symphony Fantastique played on period instruments) but as it was such a gorgeous day we decided that instead of a museum we would do some walking instead.
On the tube from Stanmore Laura had her hair tidied up
Tidying into a neat ponytail 
There, all ready for the outing in London
Laura studied the London Underground map to find the destination of Westminster
Houses of Parliament clock tower containing the bell 'Big Ben'
Laura stared through the gates at the Houses of Parliament
Next we visited St Margaret's Westminster alongside Westminster Abbey.  Unfortunately they have a policy of no photos in the church, so we couldn't photograph Laura with any of the fascinating carved memorials or the beautiful stained glass.  We did leave a donation in their box.
Laura peered up in amazement at the sheer splendour of the entrance to Westminster Abbey.  She did not go in because although it was free for her, it was very expensive tickets for the family unless we were attending a church service.
The amazing stone masonry above the West Door at Westminster Abbey
We walked through back streets (which were quiet on a Sunday afternoon) to Vincent Square then on to Westminster Cathedral - the Catholic Cathedral in London.  This was built in 1895-1903 and the internal decoration (mosaics) are still gradually being added (Byzantine style).  This was also free entry with plenty of donations boxes.  Once again, no photos were allowed in the Cathedral, however Laura was given a Peace badge by some anti nuclear campaigners who were standing outside the entrance reminding people of the terrible events in Japan 70 years ago.
Westminster Catholic Cathedral tower
We walked to Victoria where we found another branch of Giraffe (we like their food) and had an early evening meal.
Laura enjoyed some strawberries and ice cream (wearing her Peace badge)
An orange giraffe with the sugar packet on its head
Instead of catching the tube to South Kensington, as it was such a beautiful day, we decided to walk via Buckingham Palace to see the Queen.
Laura sees the Guard at Buckingham Palace
My younger girl and Laura outside Buckingham Palace
It was a warm walk from Buckingham Palace to the Royal Albert Hall with the evening sun on our faces.
Two tired girls resting outside the Royal Albert Hall waiting to go in
The Royal Albert Hall entrance opposite Hyde Park in the evening sun
Laura watched the orchestra (who stood to perform) just before they started playing Beethoven's fifth symphony in the BBC Prom
The Royal Albert Hall at night, opposite the Royal College of Music
It was a lovely day in London, the Proms were wonderful and we all enjoyed the outing.


Serenata said...

What a super day you had. We are so jealous of your prom visits - maybe next year for us! Looks like Laura enjoyed herself. She has a wonderful outfit on - just love the smocked top.

Sharon said...

Looks like you all had a lovely time in London, Laura is a very well travelled young lady and so is youngest daughter...I'm glad you had a super time :)

miniaturista said...

Ohhh Laura, que bien te lo has pasado en Londres, me encanta esa ciudad, y has ido guapisima.
Un abrazo

Dee said...

Looks like Laura is becoming a girl about town! Loved her green smocked top, made by yourself I am guessing.

London is so full of wonderful buildings to see and visit, no wonder Laura and Dmd were both tired when they got to the Albert Hall but all that wonderful music would have filled them with the energy needed to get back home safe and sound.
To dream of meeting the Queen for tea and playing wonderful music :)

DollMum said...

Lorraine - join us at the proms next year - this is the third year in a row we've taken our daughters and they've loved every minute of it. We always sit in the circle above the boxes as those seats are affordable for families and we don't want to stand in the prom area or the upper balcony. Great view too.
Dee - yes, the smocked top was my first attempt at smocking for a Sasha doll - I made the smocking too tight (beginner's mistake) so although it looks very effective it is not one I'd ever sell. I made the smocked dress for the 2013 Festival raffle doll Charlotte after this smocking attempt and did a better job of getting the smocking spaced and less tight on that dress. And some of that wonderful music was on the radio this afternoon and Dmd turned the volume up with a broad grin on her face.
Sharon - yes, Laura is becoming a seasoned traveller, thanks to the bag made by Lorraine.
Miniaturista - we like London too - it is good for short visits like this one, I used to live there for 15 months and would not live there now - too crowded and noisy for me.

Kendal said...

Another fantastic and historically educational day again. Just how lucky are you all then....twice within a couple of weeks!
Loved the photo of your youngest daughter holding Laura after her hair tidying into the ponytail. Laura was/is the perfect choice of Sasha Doll for her to have as her soulmate and companion.
(When I used to take my school classes out and about for regular hands-on sessions I too always liked the girls to have their hair tied back in some form or other for visual and safety reasons.)

Talking of the Proms when my daughter was still a youngish child it became a custom, over many years,for me to wake her up and get her out of bed for the rendering of 'Land of Hope and Glory' as the finale to the Last Night of the Proms.... with the TV volume turned up to the maximum to create the atmosphere of us actually being there standing in the stalls waving the Union Jack flag!