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Friday, 14 August 2015

A small wish - part 2

At Lorraine's house when we visited to collect the toddler, Henry gave Laura a very lovely denim handbag which he brought from the Sasha Festival.

Henry's gift for Laura from the 2015 Sasha Festival
In addition to helping the toddler from SusanLK make his way to England for my daughter, Norvell enclosed a gift for him which she bought at the festival.  It is a delightful outfit made by Sheila Foery - Superman shorts, t-shirt and socks.  After he had tried on his shorts made by his new mum, it didn't take Edmund long to decide he wanted to be Superman and do brave things so on went the new outfit from Norvell.

Edmund as Superman
Edmund strikes a Superman pose
Edmund was sitting on the sofa when he started to slide off it to go exploring
Peggy Sue spotted him and thought he was falling, so she helped Edmund back up onto the sofa again
Edmund managed to climb back up again with Peggy Sue's help
"I hope you're sitting comfortably away from the edge now" said Peggy Sue.  Edmund just smiled at her.
Peggy Sue sat down feeling pleased that she had arrived in time to help Edmund back up to his seat
As Peggy Sue wandered away, Edmund watched her go
Edmund slid down from the sofa again and stood behind Peggy Sue but she didn't notice.
He climbed off the stool and toddled off towards an interesting looking box
He discovered his swimming shorts in the box (made by his new mum) and some pretty fabric which came with him on his journey to England
Feeling bold, Edmund climbed into the box
and settled on the fabric for a rest 
Soon it was time to go home, my girl wrapped Edmund in his towel as it had been raining outside and she didn't want him to get wet.
Cuddling Edmund in his travelling towel
However in the end Edmund travelled on the final part of the journey to his new home in the doll bag made by Lorraine
SusanLK very kindly send the Mary Engelbreit fabric to me as a gift - maybe it will become a quilt, I'm still considering ideas.

Thank you Norvell for hosting Edmund on his journey to England and for his lovely new clothes.

We had a lovely time visiting Lorraine (and her glorious collection of dolls) and are so grateful that she offered to transport this little red head from the USA to England for us.


Sharon said...

Your daughter looks so happy with her new boy, Edmund, and what a cute Super Toddler he makes! I can see lots of adventures ahead for this young man and his new Little Miss :)

Serenata said...

I think your daughter and Edmund are going to have a lot of fun indeed. He is already showing himself to be a little adventurer! Henry was pleased Laura liked the little bag he bought for her at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Peggy Sue enjoyed meeting Edmund and felt very proud to have been able to help him :-)

Kendal said...

Edward is already looking as if he is going to be rather a handful for his new mummy.... especially when wearing his latest super Superman outfit. Love too the matching socks!
Laura's new little denim bag from Henry looks perfect with her Union Jack material sailor styled dress.
It seems as if your youngest daughter's 'small wish' is having elastic sides.

Dee said...

Looks Like Edmund had a lovely time and will keep Little Miss Dmd on her toes :)