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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Midsummer Sasha Gathering 2015 - part 2

Prior to attending the Midsummer gathering, Rosie S and I were in email conversation about miniature prams. I had finally found one for restoration and she is planning to restore her pram, so I brought my pram in pieces and she brought her pram for us to compare (and compare with Dawn's amazing collection).  I photographed Dawn's collection in 2013 however it is impossible not to take photos of them and their happy little owners when the opportunity arises, they are so photogenic.
Some of Dawn's amazing pram and doll collection which includes Doucet, Red and Ponfa versions
Two of Dawn's prams 
A Doucet pram which Dawn is restoring
Some gorgeous NP Sasha girls with their prams
More lovely prams and Sasha dolls belonging to Dawn
Another pram and other wheeled transport with their Sasha and Gregor owners from Dawn's collection
Rosie S's Doucet pram which she wants to restore
Dee's visiting dolls, lead by the magnificent waif Hattie (and Lucas)
 Dawn allows careful people to hold her treasured Sasha Studio dolls, my girl was thrilled to be allowed to hold them again.
My girl with one of Dawn's Sasha Studio dolls (and Clemence bear)
A close up of Dawn's stunning Sasha Studio girl
my girl cuddles Dawn's Sasha Studio toddler doll
my girl also privileged to hold Dawn's Sasha Studio baby
my girl holds the Sasha Studio toddler and another of Dawn's Sasha Studio dolls
The Sasha Studio toddler's clothes
I did take some photos of the visiting Sasha dolls, including our own small collection.
Our Sasha collection at Dawn's house
A baseball player and friends near Rosie S's pram
Some of the lovely visiting Sasha dolls
More of the visiting Sasha dolls, including a toddler girl
Theresa's Red pram with a pram basket she added
Between Dawn's garden and the field is the home of several horses.  My girl made friends with them.
My girl enjoys feeding one of Dawn's real live horses
Thank you Dawn (and Rosie S) for hosting such a friendly, happy Sasha gathering - it was lovely to catch up with friends and see each other's dolls, discuss prams and admire the garden.


Ginger said...

What a lovely post of your visit to Dawn's house. Thank you for the very nice close-up photos of the beautiful prams. I like seeing the details and comparing them. So many pretty Sasha dolls and what a joy to spend time with friends and sashas! Dawn's studio dolls are just amazing! Just a perfect visit! :) xxx

Dee said...

Those prams are hard to resist taking photo's of! They all look so lovely with their owners ready for their walk! And Dawn does have such a beautiful collection and range of size and colour.

Dawn's Studio dolls are a delight and it's so lovely that she allows everyone to handle them although it makes it so tempting to want to add one to our own collections.

Lovely photos of a lovely day

Sharon said...

Yes those prams really are delightful to see, aren't they! And the Studio dolls, your daughter looks really pleased to be able to handle them! Love the Toddler, is the body cloth or solid?
Looks like a lovely day was had by all :)

miniaturista said...

Que colección de muñecas y que maravillas de cochecitos.
Un abrazo

Kendal said...

It's always so lovely to visit Dawn and her Sasha collection, not to mention taking a wander through her magnificent garden which was definitely looking at it's very best this year.
Was SO disappointed to miss going again but great to be able to see all the super photos that people so kindly shared afterwards....although they kind-of made you even sadder that you weren't there.
Pleased to hear that you all had such a fantastic time!