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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Midsummer Sasha Gathering 2015 - part 1

We were lucky enough to be able to attend Dawn's Midsummer Sasha Gathering at her beautiful home in June, the event was co-hosted by Dawn L and Rosie S and included a delicious lunch.  It was a lovely friendly gathering, the weather was kind so we could eat outside on the verandah overlooking the garden and there were plenty of photo opportunities in her extensive garden for the dolls.  My husband came with my younger daughter and I (it was Father's Day), unfortunately my elder girl had a work shift so couldn't join us.  It was great to catch up with Sasha friends and talk prams (more of that in another post).

A certain little bear called Clemence had hitched a ride with our doll family and after eating the main course at lunch, he and Laura went to watch the next episode of the Lucas Adventures being filmed...

Dee setting up a photo at Dawn's fountain
Lucas and Clemence started getting into mischief while Laura enjoyed the view of the fountain and the glorious sunshine
Clemence was following Lucas to the middle of the fountain
climbing over the stones was hard work for a small bear and it took time
"Be careful not to get your paws wet Clemence" called Laura
... so Clemence took a long route from Laura to avoid getting his paws wet
By this time Lucas was sitting on top of one of the statues (assisted by Dee's helper)
Clemence was finding the journey to the middle of the fountain tiring
Did the status shake Lucas off or did he lose his footing?
Laura watched Lucas crawl back to the side of the fountain after his fall, she was relieved to see he was okay
Lucas was grumbling under his breath about the silly statue
Laura didn't notice Clemence climbing onto a tall statue
so she wandered away from the fountain to admire the flowers
by this time Clemence was nearly at the middle of the fountain
Lucas was greeted warmly by his dog Socks who was so relieved that he was safely back on dry land
meanwhile Clemence climbed over the last bigger stone to reach the centre of the fountain
and sat cheekily in the lap of one of the statue girls
who didn't seem to mind this little bear sheltering on her knees after his long journey across the stones
Laura suddenly realised with consternation that Clemence was still in the fountain area and went to look for him
when she saw him climbing the statue, she risked her dress to climb into the fountain to rescue her naughty bear
Laura gingerly walked across the stones and cried out in anguish when she what Clemence was doing
as Clemence climbed onto the head of the statue from which Lucas had fallen earlier
"Come down carefully Clemence" said Laura, "my apologies for my cheeky bear" she said to the statue girl
"I'm coming" said Clemence
Clemence climbed down carefully
And went for a cuddle with Laura, who was very relieved to have him safely back in her arms again
Laura and Clemence had a cuddle before making the journey back across the stones
When they got to the side of the fountain Clemence sat in Laura's headband while she carefully climbed out
And they restored their energy by sitting on the verandah with some scrumptious strawberries and cakes
Soon Clemence was all for another adventure, this time some tree climbing
Laura sat in the branches enjoying the scent of summer flowers
and was joined by her friend Henry
Clemence was going out on a limb, so Laura and Henry decided it was time for a walk
Henry and Laura had a lovely walk in Dawn's garden, though all the rock and tree climbing in a dress made Laura feel a bit faint.
Lorraine took some lovely photos of Henry and Laura's outing - see  We had a great deal of trouble getting Laura to stand during the walk around the garden as the breeze was strong enough (in gusts) to blow her over just when we were about to take photos!  So as Lorraine's blog post shows, Henry and Laura were photographed sitting by the side of the path instead.


Dee said...

It looks like Laura and Clemence had a very adventurous time at Dawn's lovely mid summer meet and eat.
I'm glad Clemence made it to the middle and Laura managed to rescue him and bring him back for a lovely plate of strawberries and cake.

It was a lovely summers day just perfect for meeting old friends and making new ones.

Serenata said...

What a lovely post, what adventures Clemence got up to! Certainly kept Laura busy watching after him.

It was such a lovely day, wonderful company with Sasha friends.

Ginger said...

Thank you for a lovely post showing a different view of Dawn's gathering. I really enjoyed seeing Laura and Clemence and what a busy little bear he is! It looks like a wonderful time spent with Sashas and friends! :) xxx

miniaturista said...

Que dulzura de fotos...
Un abrazo

Kendal said...

Can't quite make up my mind as to who (out of Laura, Clemence or DollMum's daughter) had the most wonderful time exploring Dawn's home and garden.

Little Clemence certainly enjoyed some rather dangerous adventures and it must have been quite scary and nerve-racking at times for Laura carefully watching over him.... though luckily they both seemed to survive intact, and un-water damaged,at the end of the day.

A lovely pictorial momento for the future.