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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Rudolf and snow

Last week a Reindeer decided to visit our house during Advent.

My girls and I are involved in a lot of concerts during December and at two of them we played 'Rudolf the Red nose Reindeer'.  Build a Bear workshop has issued a Reindeer with a red nose to commemorate 50 years since the stop-frame animation film was released and I bought it as a joke to go with the song at one of these concerts.  The Sasha babies and Reuben decided to get involved - after all the sleigh needed a passenger or two.  We found a surprising amount of Snow/Rudolf related items in our toy collection.
The little sleigh scene we set up at one of our concerts recently
baby Leo in a snowman suit, 
baby Mabel in a reindeer suit and Reuben wears his Christmas sweatshirt
Rudolf's nose lights up.  Jasper the husky also came from Build a Bear (a few years ago)
The silver bells on Rudolf's back were put there by one of the concert goers (they got tangled while we played Sleigh Ride when everyone in the audience was shaking bells).

The Sasha babies and Reuben have been looking after our cloth Advent calendar this week, I think they may change outfits closer to Christmas day.


Dee said...

Love your new Rudolf he looks very happy and very nice of the Husky to help him pull the sleigh.
Of course you needed passengers!
Sounds like you had a good time at the concerts:)

Serenata said...

What a wonderful Rudolf, he looks like a very happy chappy and love that his little friend has donned a red nose as well. Looks like a fun time. Our last Concert is today - I have a full day, singing with the church choir this morning, rehearsal this afternoon, then church carol concert this evening.

All good fun.

Oh and I sang with John Rutter yesterday - a Christmas Come and Sing Day with John Rutter at Kings Place. Amazing!

SimplySasha said...

How sweet is your Christmas scene...I am loving Jasper the Husky wearing his red nose :0

Ginger said...

What a happy scene with the cutest Rudolph in the world! The babies are so adorable and Caleb looks wonderful too! I love Christmas concerts and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!! :) xxx

Anonymous said...

The reindeer-shirt is the perfect match!
And so much bells. Just a really jinglebells-scene.

(We here are missing still the snow. Sleighs are not working in the rain :(

Sharon said...

Looks like a lovely time was had by all Dollmum, including the toys! :)
Happy Christmas and a super New year to all those in the DollMum Household :)
Hugs Sharon xx

miniaturista said...

Rudolph ya estará camino de las chimeneas para acercar a papa Noel.
Feliz Navidad
Un abrazo