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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Day arrivals

Rudolf arrived with a special Secret Santa delivery
some exciting packages (from Rosie L)
Baby Jesus has arrived in the manger,
however can you spot who else has arrived in the DollMum house?
Lady Crazie from Germany is perching on the mantle piece with the Christmas stockings
Lady Crazie hops down to visit Baby Jesus
Lady Crazie and the crib scene
Jenny gets to know Lady Crazie who is inquisitive about the ice skating penguin on Jenny's dress   
Lady Crazie is pleased to meet Lexie as well


Dee said...

How lovely that Lady Crazie arrived in time to enjoy Christmas with the family.Looks like everyone will be having a Happy Christmas with Lady Crazie and Christmas presents.

Anonymous said...

Yayy! She's at home again.
And what a lovely home!
Thanks letting her live with you!

Merry 2.Day of Christmas
to you all there!

Kendal said...

So pleased to see that Mrs Crazie has arrived safe and sound and in time to have a good feed-up at Christmas, as we all know that migrating birds lose body weight when flying long distances, especially when it involves flying over the ocean.
Looking forward to seeing what's in those presents.

Serenata said...

What a sweet little budgie. Peggy Sue has a budgerigar just like Lady Crazie! What is the story behind her? Lovely that she arrived in time for Christmas.

Did you carve the little nativity scene?

A super Christmas morning.

DollMum said...

Hi Lorrine, Lady Crazie is from Anne of the Sasha Commoneos blog - apparently Lady Crazie is a bit bohemian and wanted another home for Christmas so she left Crazie and baby Crazie and came to England.
i was given the nativity scene by an old SA friend many years ago, I think it was quite old even then. Last year our dog chewed the leg off one of the sheep.

Ginger said...

What a precious little budgie! Your Christmas post is very endearing. Thank you! Happy Holidays! :) xxx

SimplySasha said...

I can see you had a 'CRAZIE' Christmas!!
Lovely to see Lady Crazie arrived safely!

Sharon said...

Good that Lady Crazie arrived safely for her English Christmas Dinner....I hope DollMum's daughter was generous in sharing her pud ;)
She probably had a big appetite after her long journey :)
Hope you'll had a great time :)
Big hugs Sharon x