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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Waldkirch - part 3

On the Saturday morning when visiting the Waldkirch International Orgelfest at the end of June, we visited a lovely little toy shop in one of the main streets. It was packed with glorious toys, mostly traditional, though some modern. Last time I saw a Kathe Kruse bath baby doll there and was very tempted. This time, they had one KK doll high up on a shelf, several Gotz and various other lovely dolls, however I resisted. We were more interested in finding toys for the dolls. The following picture story shows the miniature animals, miniature sailing boat and wooden game we found in the shop.  It also features 2 other souvenirs my younger girl collected over the weekend.  The shop owner was VERY interested in the doll carrier bag which Lorraine had made for Laura and took a photo of it, so I wouldn't be surprised if she commissions someone in Waldkirch to make some for her shop. She gave my younger daughter a small gift of the cuckoo clock fridge magnet and some loom bands to say 'thank you' for allowing her to take photos of Laura and Reuben in their travel bag (she did ask permission first).

Laura and Reuben were sharing the gifts
they had brought from Waldkirch with the others
Clemence the bear discovered the giraffe, who stared at him for a long time
Leo loved the polar bear
Laura proudly wore her Waldkirch Orgelfest badge
and loom band bangle
and showed off the cuckoo clock (fridge magnet)
Reuben and baby Mabel were having fun with the sailing boat
Florence and Miranda had a game with the coloured puzzle,
they took it in turns to add pieces
Miranda had the purple, Florence the green triangle
Nicholas James found a flamingo while Leo still clutched his polar bear
The puzzle was coming together nicely
"You can put in the last piece Miranda" said Florence
"Yay, we finished the puzzle" cried the girls
Laura decided to show off the miniature organ
she and Reuben were given in Waldkirch
She sat down and turned the handle on the side,
all the miniature animals turned towards the sound
all the dolls gathered to listen while Laura brought the sounds of Waldkirch to England
See also Part 1 and Part 2 of our trip to Waldkirch.


Saphira said...

Oh how wonderful... so much presents....little bit like chrismas :0) You shoot lovley pictures and I'm a little bit jealous for the little ship and the puzzle :0) Greetings from Germany... Saphira

Kendal said...

What a wonderful ending to this superb visit. Buying gifts has become so much a part of holidays and these traditional toy shops have such an irresistable and magical atmosphere for children and grown-ups alike that you can't fail not to want to spend, spend, spend!

What delightful gifts you chose, a little something for everyone but especially adore the tiny organ.

Dee said...

It's lovely when you can find toys and games for the Sasha's that are the correct size.
You were very good not buying any dolls!! :)

Ginger said...

I really enjoyed this post too! Laura and Reuben look wonderful with the many gifts to play with and to share with others. I love the tiny organ and can imagine how lovely the music must sound. What a great trip! :) xxx