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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Waldkirch - part 1

So where are Reuben and Laura going?  It looks like they are using the bag that Lorraine of Sewing for Sasha made for them:
Reuben and Laura in their special bag
This photo was taken on a ferry in the early hours of Friday as we crossed the channel to France.  During the remainder of the night and the early morning we drove across France and into Germany, arriving at Waldkirch in the Black Forest just before midday.  After a 2 hour afternoon sleep in our hotel in the Kandel pass we went down to the town to take in some of the International Orgelfest which is held every 3 years, then returned to the hotel for dinner.  Last time we went to the festival we took the two Australian Girl dolls and two of the Gotz dolls - see Meet Matroshka for their adventures.  This time it was Laura and Reuben's turn. 
Laura and Reuben enjoy the view down the
Altersbach valley from our dining table
On Saturday morning Laura and Reuben climbed into their bag again and came with us to the organ festival for the day.  In the park by the river we discovered this automata organ, with four figures 'playing' the music. The clarinet player's fingers really moved, the cellist bowed his double bass and the accordion players moved too, all the figures had eyes that blinked and moved.
The Swiss folk band organ
accordion player 
double bass player
this accordion player had a daisy flower in his mouth
The clarinet player with moving fingers
In Germany the small street organs are often used to tell elaborate stories with music.  The story pictures are on large banners with the story teller pointing to the pictures and singing with the organ grinder.  This group included three children as well.  We never understand the stories as they're all in German, however they're fun to watch as they're usually very dramatic and a bit sensationalist.
DollMum's daughter with Laura and Reuben on her lap (not visible)
watching the German organ story tellers
The Gruesome Murder Act! story in full flow
This street organ had an unusual figure in front of it (usually organs have automated figures mounted on the façade in front of the pipes - conducting the music or playing bells).  This figure wasn't automated.

Street organ with beggar figure
The carved wooden beggar
We visited one of the four organ building workshops in the town (Paul Fleck) where they had some music boxes on sale.  Laura really liked the miniature disc player.
Laura with the disc player music box
In the Markt Platz a very special Fair organ was playing and we sat down on the cobbles for a rest to listen.
Laura and Reuben rest in their bag while listening to the organ
Laura was tired and needed a cuddle
After a while Laura and Reuben became curious about this goddess and her attendants who presided over the music with such dignity and they loved the music.  The organ is one of only 2 Ruth organs ever made to this particular music scale (it is a Model 46 Ruth organ which belongs to a Swiss organ collector).  21 years ago this very same organ played on this spot at the festival for DollMum and her husband, it has not appeared at the festival since so it was a delight to see and hear it again.
Laura and Reuben approach the Model 46 Ruth fair organ
Laura and Reuben stand in front of the Model 46 Ruth fair organ
Back in their bag again (they swapped places)
Back at the park on the stage a Swiss yodelling choir was singing.  This year the festival had a real Swiss theme to it.
Swiss yodellers
One group who have attended the last 3 festivals are the street musicians from Chile.  They have 2 small street organs and 5 one man band musicians who spin and twirl to the music while banging their drums and clashing their cymbals - on this stage the sound was magnified even more than in the street!
Street organs and one man band musicians from Chile
We sat on the park bench for a rest while listening to the organs nearby.
Laura and Reuben rest in the park while DollMum's daughter draws
Near the stage was a large pile of saw dust surrounded by hay bales.  This was for the demonstration of Swiss haymakers - which turned out to be a special kind of wrestling.
Reuben and Laura watch the Swiss haymakers
We had a lovely meal with some Dutch friends in Markt Platz before the rain and thunder storms began, so returned to the hotel for the evening and more chatting.


Dee said...

Lucky Laura and Reuben to get to go on another trip.
Looks like a very interesting place to visit and they had lots to see.
Wonderful to visit the black forest
when the Orgelfest was on.
That organ must have know Dollmum and her husband were again at the Organ festival and came out especially for them !
Great photo's.

Kendal said...

Most interesting and very educational. My brain so enjoys these kind of blog post visits as I like to try to learn something new every day.
We obviously have some lucky and very knowledgeable Sasha Dolls in this world thanks to their owners who take them 'out and about!'

Serenata said...

Looks like you had a wonderful and interesting time. What fun organs they are, I can almost 'hear' the music, just by looking at them. Love the cuddles :-) So glad the bag worked out as well.

Sharon said...

Another lovely post Dollmum! I enjoyed the tour of the Orgelfest and seeing the lovely organs...what a bit of luck that that particular organ should be there at the very same time that you were, after such a long break! As Dee said, it must have known you were coming!
I love the photos too, such a nice pair of well travelled Sashas!!
Hugs Sharon x

Ginger said...

I really enjoyed this post and felt like I was there with you all and listening to the music. I am amazed at the wonderful craftsmanship of the figures and the music players. Just so very lovely to see and it is extra nice that Laura and Reuben were able to go this time. Lovely! :) xx

Sharon said...

Anna have you just sent me an email? Only I've received one with a link to click on and I've not clicked on it just in case it is a dodgy link....I thought I'd post a message here first just in case.
Hugs Sharon x

DollMum said...

That was spam Sharon, it seems like I must have clicked on a dodgy link somehow earlier today. So delete it please and don't click the link. I will change my account password.

Kiki's Korner said...

This looks like a wonderful adventure. We would love to hear the music at the Organ festival and see the sights as well.

~ Kiki