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Friday, 21 February 2014

Birthday gifts

My younger girl had her birthday during February.  We gave her a collection of all sorts of smaller gifts rather than a 'big' present, all wrapped up in 2 cardboard boxes.  Each box contained something doll-related, but she also got several books, a DVD, some lego and nano blocks.  She was delighted with all her gifts and so were the dolls, as the doll related gifts were a handmade classic yoke dress (Liberty fabric with lace trimmed collar & cuffs) I had made on my new sewing machine for Laura, another rocking chair (found in a local charity shop) and a Habitat model bicycle from Homebase.
Laura in her new classic yoke dress
Laura's beret is a 'Hattie hat'
Lace cuffs
close up of the lace trimmed collar (hence the blurred face)
I had bought the bike several months ago after seeing one at Dawn's Sasha gathering in June 2013.  It was the last one in the shop, I'd reserved it online and went to collect it but found it was shop soiled (paintwork a bit scratched) so managed to get 10% off the price.  The bicycle also needed some adjustments as it the wheels were not turning evenly and pedals were catching (another symptom of 'shop soiled/not set up properly when made) however my husband was up to the job of fixing it and did a fine job.  Our daughter's face when she took the bicycle out of the box was a picture of delight.  I pointed out the scratches and said I had an idea for a doll story for that, so watch this space.
Discovering the bike and rocking chair in the birthday box
Winding the bike pedals
Nicolas James and Laura with the new bicycle
The new bicycle and rocking chair (which doesn't rock)
Hopefully with improving weather and spring on the way the dolls, bicycle and scooter will venture outside again soon.


Ginger said...

Lovely post about the wonderful bike birthday gift. I love your daughter's happy expression of surprise!! Great photos :) hugs, Ginger xx

Petrana said...

Happy Birthday to your girl!

Dee said...

A belated Happy Birthday to number two daughter!!
Love Laura's new dress and what great presents! A lovely red bike and a rocking chair, lots of great story lines and just great play time to be had from them both!

Sharon said...

A belated Happy Bithday to your sweet little daughter, I hope she had a lovely day! It certainly looks like she enjoyed opening her presents and seeing what she'd received. I look forward to seeing her photo stories soon!

DollMum said...

following your RED theme Dee! Maybe the rocking chair needs a red cushion.

Kendal said...

Belated happy birthday wishes to your simply delightful youngest daughter.
What fabulous Sasha related birthday presents. She looks 'thrilled to bits' with them..... as I too would be!