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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Trying out the scooter

Reuben and Nicholas James have been desperate to get outside and try out the scooter which my younger girl got for Christmas, however the weather has been so wet and dull it hasn't been possible to let them go outside.  Today dawned extremely frosty and clear however by the time the boys had got dressed into warm clothes it had clouded over, the frost had melted though was still very chilly.  So the boys and Laura ventured out for a quick try-out on the scooter.  My younger girl helped with this photo story.

Look Reuben, we can use the scooter outside today
Hi Laura, yes of course you can join us
I'm trying the scooter first
Its tricky getting my balance on the scooter
My turn now, I am using my foot to get some speed to help balance the scooter
May I have a go please, Reuben?
I may be stylish but I do like to have fun outdoors too
I don't want to wobble
Well done Laura, you've got the hang of the scooter
Reuben is wearing his oversized Gotz hoodie and hat which he brought with him when he arrived and his sweater he received for Christmas, Nicholas James is honouring Ronny's son in his 'Elliott hooded shirt' and skinny jeans (Passion for Sasha) and a Dollydoodles beany hat.  Laura is wearing her new (Chat n Snap) Sashapotomus top, her swap jacket from the 2012 Sasha Festival, the leggings from her Millie outfit, Ugg boots from Rosemarie S, and a Hattie Bonham Carter hat and scarf set.

The Radio Flyer scooter I bought from Caryn M who came to the UK for a couple of weeks in November and brought it with her (which meant I paid UK rather than international postage and the asking price).  It doesn't have its stand, so we improvised with a slotted block fitted to the back wheel and a block under a foot when needed.  I could have edited them out, but decided to leave them as they don't detract from the action.


SimplySasha said...

I loved this post Anna! It is great to see your Sasha kids at play! And what a smartly dressed bunch they are!

Serenata said...

It is lovely for them to be able to get outside isn't it? The weather has been so unpredictable with its promise of hope and then sudden changes!

They look like they had a good time.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I really like your dolls. They're wearing fabulous outfits. The photos are very real. I like the pictures on the scooter. Keep in touch

Sharon said...

What a great present your kids got this year Anna, I love the scooter, it's going to prove a lot of fun to have, I'm sure! I like how you have dressed them all too, a very stylish and attractive bunch!

Kendal said...

Hate to say it but we've had 'scooter playing outside' weather practically everyday since way before Christmas!

Pleased though that they managed to finally get to try out the scooter! 'Scooter-ing' looks to be great fun and they wouldn't have even noticed the cold in those cosy warm clothes.

Anonymous said...

Seems they're seriously prooving their skills!
I specially like the oversized sweater.It looks so touching on the first photos. There he has problems managing the long arms :)

(btw. ... and I can't manage english sentences like this :(

What is correct:
'He has probs TO MANAGE the arms'
or 'Probs MANAGING the arms'?)

Dee said...

The Scooter is great I am sure your sasha kids will have a lot of fun with it, they all look so happy to get a chance to get outside if only for a short time!

Kendal must be living in a little good weather bubble up there!!I'm very ahppy to send some rain her way, so she does not miss out!! lol

DollMum said...

Hi Anne,
Yes, I like the oversized sweatshirt too, it is one of the things about him that reminded me of little coloured boys in Cape Town with clothes either to big or small for them because they had inherited clothes from elder siblings. I think we have all had the experience of our parents buying a coat 'that will last' in other words they hope it will last at least 2 winters not just one, so it is slightly to big when we get it and too small when we finally pass it to the next child.

DollMum said...

Anne, I forgot to say it is 'problems managing the sleeves'.

Kendal, we're all very envious of your 'scooter weather', today we have had some clear skies and yet more rain.

Theodora said...

Wow, What a great scooter! Those kids seem to be really having the time of their lives! How come the weather is so nice, that you can take photographs outside? Where on earth do you live??? xxx Karin

DollMum said...

The weather wasn't that nice last Sunday when we did this photoshoot - it was grey bordering on damp so we weren't outside very long. Lovely sunny day today but I was stuck indoors all day nursing a cold (much better now for the enforced rest).

Xenis said...

Fantastic to see them playing outside. Love the scooter.