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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Skating or ballet outfit

The other sewing I completed in February was for my daughter's 9th birthday gift.  I am teaching her to sew and knit so for her birthday I assembled a box of her own sewing goodies, including a sewing basket and contents, fabric (lots of fat quarters or half metres), mini mannequin and learn to sew books.  In the box I included some outfits for Laura, her Christmas Sasha.One of these outfits was the new ballet/skating outfit I made based on the ballet leotard pattern in 'Sasha Dolls: Clothing and Patterns'.

The leotard is straightforward - I made it from a white t-shirt overlaid with the filigree gold fabric I'd previously used for the tribute outfits to Torvill and Dean for the larger Gotz dolls.  The shoulders are fastened at the back with mother-of-pearl buttons. The tutu is stitched to the leotard and is made from several layers of tulle, overlaid with tulle with gold flecks in it, and petals of the filigree, topped by a gold ribbon waistband.

I had previously bought the Sasha sized skates for Susie, my Palitoy, however it looks like Laura has claimed them for her own.

All the dolls who have skating outfits came downstairs to watch the 2013 season of 'Dancing on Ice', and much to my family's delight Beth Tweddle, the Olympic gymnast, won the series.

Jakob and Laura in the gold skating outfits
close up of the tutu
Now that the DoI season is over for another year, Laura has changed into one of her other new outfits, a sweater dress and hat from Dee (and Hattie) and a pair of Ruth's dolls Mary Jane shoes.

In response to the previous post it was suggested that the felt baby could be made as a plaything for Sasha children.  Before the baby went to its new home, Laura held it.  I think the baby needs to be a bit smaller to fit the scale for Sasha dolls (the baby is 7 1/2" high).  I plan to experiment with a scaled down version, though might have to simplify the pattern even more.
Laura holds the auction baby


SimplySasha said...

If you could scale the baby down a tad I think it would be a great Sasha accessory ...Laura looks great with it :)

Dee said...

Lovely skating outfit, looks perfect on her and I think she should keep the skates :)

The teddies a I buy for Sasha's are between 4 and 5 inches so maybe you could try that size for the baby

Serenata said...

An absolutely delightful ballet/skating outfit indeed, she looks wonderful in it.

Cute little baby as well.

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: Laura is very cute with the baby. I like a lot. Keep in touch

DollMum said...

Thanks for the lovely comments about the outfit, it was fun to make and my daughter's face was a picture when she picked it up.

I'll have a go at scaling the baby down to suit the Sasha family.

And Dee, I agree, the skates are hers!

Theodora said...

Wonderful outfit and gorgeous dolls! You are soooooooo clever! Lucky daughter! I have no doubt her eyes shone with pleasure! xxx Karin

Sharon said...

The skater outfit is really cute and could also be a ballet outfit too...if she fancied a change of 'sport'....
The gift idea for your daughter sounds great. My mum tried to encourage me to be interested in sewing, but it never got her anywhere...and then some 40 years later, here I am, addicted to sewing!! Funny how life turns out, isn't it!
Love the baby but yes, would need to be a bit smaller for Sasha, and would then make the perfect toy baby for her!
Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

Unknown said...

Beautiful skating costume. I loved seeing Jakob next to Sasha- really works.