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Friday, 22 March 2013

Auction baby

In February my husband's niece ran an online auction via Facebook to raise some cash for the baby loss foundation she founded in memory of her second daughter who was stillborn 5 years ago at 38 weeks.  She discovered on suffering this dreadful loss that stillbirth, miscarriage and young baby death is still a taboo subject in many quarters and that support networks are hard to find, so she wanted to build one locally to help other parents in similar situations.

I volunteered to make something for the auction and she asked me for a rag doll.  After looking through lots of pattern books and at my fabric stash, I settled on a 7 1/2" miniature baby felt doll by Jean Greenhowe.  I made the carrycot as well, which was loosely based on one she had designed for a teddybear.  The baby needed to be unisex, so the new owner could decide whether to add girl or boy clothes.  I made a nappy of white fleece, mint leggings with matching top, a white bib trimmed with lace, a mattress and blanket.

The doll and carrycot got several bids and sold for £7 which was a bit disappointing as I would have liked it to have raised more for the foundation, however there were only 3 bidders and no reserve.  The winning bidder seemed pleased, and the baby in its cot now lives in Pembrokeshire.  However the auction did raise over £300 altogether which was a good total.
Baby lying on the mattress in the carrycot
the nappy, bib, clothes and blanket
the felt baby, its cot, clothes and blanket
felt baby wearing nappy and bib
felt baby with hand embroidered hair
felt baby with hand embroidered face
felt baby in carrycot wearing all its clothes
carrying the cot and baby
carrying the cot and baby


SimplySasha said...

What a lovely baby set! Can't you make Sasha sized ones for us Sasha Mums and put profits raised to the fund? I am sure there would be quite a few sasha girls and toddlers(!) who would love to own one!

Dee said...

A lovely rag doll and carry cot. It should have sold for more but it all depends on who sees it and when.
I'm sure the person who bought it, is very happy with her bargain.

DollMum said...

I do have a photo of Laura the red headed Sasha holding the baby, it would make a big baby doll for Sasha's but maybe I could have a go at designing it a bit smaller, I will publish a photo in the next post of Laura with the baby.

AuntLou said...

Lovely! I'm not big on baby dolls so I'm no judge, but I think you did a beautiful job. :)

Sharon said...

What a lovely idea. Shame it didn't raise a bit more, but it's often the way, unless there really is a big 'advertising' campaign before and during the auction....and that's not always possible.
Personally, I think it looks a very cute little baby and I'm sure the new 'parent' is very happy with it!
Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

DollMum said...

Yes, the auction wasn't as well advertised as it might have been, it was their first attempt and not a bad effort for a first try. Another time I'd suggest a reserve for carefully handmade items. I did wonder about sharing the link to it on my blog, but this would have well and truly blown my cover (though some people in the Sasha world know my name I prefer to keep the blog anonymous to protect my children).

Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: I welcome the success of the auction. It is a very interesting initiative. The sudden loss of a baby is a brutal sadness. Creating your beautiful baby. Keep in touch