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Saturday, 3 March 2012

My triang dollshouse

My husband is busy scanning my late mother's large collection of slides which we brought to England at the beginning of last year. He uses his laptop and a very good nikon slide scanner so can sit watching tv while doing this task. I have been spotting some gems from my early childhood and this evening the first photo of my Triang house appeared on the screen. It must have been taken just after my grandfather presented it to us because it shows our evident delight. I do actually remember this, even though I was only 3 1/2 years old at the time. I can clearly recall watching him rebuild the house in my dad's garage workshop when I peered through the window. He had brought it overseas to us flat-packed in his suitcase, having taken it apart carefully - so we inherited mum's childhood toy 6,000 miles from where she played with it.

I realise on looking at my other posts of this house that the photos I've taken are not that great, my photography skills have improved since I started this blog, so I need to take some better ones.

I will publish the slide photo as soon as I can on the blog (it is still on the laptop, to be backed up later tonight). It shows the grand piano which was later lost or broken by two small girls (my sister was not quite 2 when we got the house) and some of the doll family we had then. Just one photo but a great little record of a special gift which helped to set me on course for a lifetime hobby.

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