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Monday, 19 March 2012

Mabel's Angel top

The first item I've made from Venus Dodge's 'The Dolls Dressmaker' is the knitted Angel top for my baby Sasha (Mabel).  According to the photo in the book it should have come out quite a bit longer than it did - but the pattern in the book said only 20 rows after the picot edge before the yoke and that is what I did.  However it goes well with the knitted knickers I made some months ago, and the little socks I made recently.  I think when I make it again in a different colour I shall make it longer into a proper little dress, I'm not sure I'll knit the leggings to go with it.

Mabel in her Angel top, knickers and socks with her favourite friend

Mabel on Mothering Sunday in her knitted clothes

Little Mabel is a waif, her fringe has been trimmed in the past and her limbs a little loose, but she is a delight and suits white very well.  I found some fabric on Saturday which will make a perfect little Easter dress for her, I've got several doll sewing projects planned for the coming weeks, and am really pleased that I've now got my sewing room space back, as we've finished decorating our bedroom (walls, floor, new built in wardrobe designed and made by my husband, but so far lacking sliding doors which will come later, and floor to ceiling bookcase for a large part of our library of books).  The best part for my hobbies is that because now we have ample wardrobe space for our clothes, I've been able to use my mother's chest of drawers and bureau drawers in our room for storing all my fabric collection and to have it in easy, colour coded reach - such a pleasure.

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Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: Mabel is a very pretty doll. The clothes that you did was very good. It helps a lot. Looks like a real baby. Keep in touch