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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Winning socks

Last weekend I won a pair of Sasha socks!  No, not via ebay, but by following another doll bloggger's site and just being lucky enough to check her updates at the right moment.

Petrana, of Made with love for Sasha Dolls, has been very busy knitting.  During the past 3 months she has made loads of pairs of socks (90!), lots of different colour combinations, so plenty of variety.  She sold some pairs on ebay, but didn't sell them all, so decided to run a fun give-away competition on her blog, and I was the lucky winner of the first pair.  They arrived very quickly and my daughters and Sasha dolls are delighted with them (my elder girl waxed lyrical because of the colours and my younger daughter wanted to know if they would fit her 19.5" Gotz dolls).  Florence and Nicholas James both wanted to wear them, but in the end NJ got first turn, because Florence is still wearing her lovely Christmas dress (which has matching tights) she received in the Sasha Secreta Santa swap.  NJ has changed out of his Christmas sweater and back into the sweater I made for him, and the socks go quite well with his sweater and new jeans.

I haven't been able to take a photo of them on NJ yet, but for a photo of the socks visit pair of hand knitted socks. Thank you Petrana, they are lovely.

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smpg298 said...

You are welcome to come back for more.
Some new yarns arrived today.
90 pairs were listed one eBay for sale, but the actual number of the knitted socks was 157 :-)