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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Measurements for cloth stable

Here are the measurements for the cloth stable I designed and made for the 20 inch Battat Morgan Horse.

I've annotated a photo of the stable lying on its side, showing how the buttons and button flaps go for fastening the walls to the base.

measurements on the photo showing the buttons and flaps
the diagram I've drawn showing measurements of finished size
This stable was designed entirely by me.  I don't mind if you copy it to make a stable for a toy horse you know (but not to sell).  If you need the instructions to explain roughly how I made it, please email me at and I'll send you the PDF file which includes the diagram.  It was pretty much 'trial and error', in other words I had an idea, drew it on paper, measured the material, mulled it over for a while, started sewing, made adjustments, struggled with the unwieldiness of the stable due to its size and especially once the foamex board was in its slots, and when fitting the roof rods.  It took me a week's worth of evenings to make, so certainly isn't commercially viable! It is probably better to make something similar in wood or a strong cardboard box, but it wouldn't be a bag for carrying the horse unless you padded the insides to protect the horse in transit.  A cardboard box wouldn't be so easy to fasten up to serve as a carrier if it also folded out, but maybe other creative parents or grandparents will have the answer.  I just knew that for my daughter's horse cloth would work, even though I had to devise a way to make it stand up successfully.

It was definitely worth the effort for the expression on my daughter's face when she met her new toy horse for her Gotz dolls.


Serenata said...

If I ever manage to get a horse, I will know where to come to for the instructions to make a stable!

Karen said...

HI Its cool. My husband would love it for Gregors' horse. Karen