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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Meet Matroshka

I've taken photos of doll happenings this year and haven't had the time until now to write about them.  So this story starts on Easter Day.

Once again my girls did an Easter Egg hunt around the garden, this year I planted clues in the eggs and they had to match up questions and answers about Easter.

The completed Easter Quiz
Their prize were Real Easter Eggs (the only commercially produced egg in the UK with the Easter message printed on the box) and a joint gift of a Gotz Matroshka doll.
A Real Easter Egg

It seemed appropriate to give them this particular girl because Russian nested dolls, which always remind me of Easter Eggs, are called Matryoshka dolls. I did suggest they could call her Marie or Maria or Mary, but they decided to keep her exotic name.
 My elder daughter examines the new doll
 Matroshka from the side

She has the same face as my younger daughter's first Gotz doll (Ice Skating) whom she called Samantha.  I like this face better than the more popular 'Sarah/Hannah' Gotz dolls (who are lovely).  Matroshka has long blond hair and an outfit of tartan, faux fur and white jersey fabric which includes a Russian nested doll printed on her white top.  Both my girls were delighted with her.  I'd bought her in TK Maxx earlier last year at a much lower price than RRP, but was served by a rude young male cashier who commented that dolls were creepy.  I refrained from telling him that it was the height of bad manners to pass derogatory comments on customer choice and taste to a customer's face, though it was tempting to suggest that he keep his thoughts to himself (I think he was too young to ever have watched 'Are you being served'!)

Matroshka quickly became a favourite in the doll family and when we travelled to Germany for May half term to the Black Forest for a Fair Organ Festival which takes place every 3 years, my girls decided to take Matroshka, Peter, Matilda and Belle.  The Aussie girls hadn't been on a trip to Europe and for Peter it was like going home, as his original outfit is Bavarian.  We have the matching girl outfit (Gotz Dirndl dress) so this was taken for our new blond girl to wear.

We always stay at a small family run Bed & Breakfast in a little valley above the town when we visit the festival. It has the most glorious views down the valley, a stream running endlessly beside it (which you can hear from the bedrooms at night), serves fresh trout as well as home made Black Forest Gateaux (the chef owns the hotel and it is his speciality) and the service is friendly and welcoming (my girls love it).  My elder daughter is learning German for her GCSEs and practised her elementary German with their warm encouragement.
 Matilda tries to share my younger daughter's ice cream in the hotel
Belle enjoys the glorious sunshiny view from our breakfast table on Saturday morning
Belle did visit the Saturday of the organ festival and Matroshka and Peter came out on the Sunday, but carrying the dolls about town all day is tiring for small arms after a while, so they only came to meals at the hotel after that.
A monkey and barrel organ at the festival - these monkeys are very rude
and squirt water at you if you get too close! 
They are operated via a series of levers and have
various hand movements, some of them rather naughty!

A vintage doll for sale in a side street at the festival
Matroshka and Peter in front of an Alfred Bruder fair organ outside an organ workshop
Matroshka, Peter and my younger daughter outside an organ workshop
Matilda and Belle in their new party dresses in the hotel at dinner time

We stayed a couple of extra days after the festival was over and had a relaxing time exploring Waldkirch a bit more than we usually do.  We came across a delightful toy shop where I held a baby Kathe Kruse doll for the first time and saw several others, they were beautiful and very tempting but I resisted.

 Peter and Matroshka outside our hotel on the second last morning
In their Bavarian outfits outside Gasthof Altersbach, Kandel Pass, Black Forest
Matilda and Belle at breakfast the morning we left
(the clouds were low and heavy with rain)


AuntLou said...

Fun and fascinating! :) Thanks for posting. The young clerk was way off! Such rudeness would have been cause for a severe reprimand, when I was clerking. :(

Serenata said...

What a lovely time you had in Germany. I recently spent a week there near the Black Forest and took a couple of my Sasha dolls with me. We had a lovely time as well.

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a wonderful (working) holiday! I love the closeup of Peter and Matroshka outside the hotel :-) And how great to be able to hold a Kathe Kruse doll, even for a short while.

CJ said...

Gorgeous Photos and gorgeous Dolls--Lovely children as well :)

Ann said...

Matroshka is a lovely doll. Nice pictures.

Symi said...

Wonderful photos of wonderful dolls .....
I like your dolls!!!!