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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Aussie girls discover percussion

Just before Easter I made play clothes for Belle and Matilda.  This followed their quick Easter dresses.  The play clothes were from slightly adapted Joan Hind patterns from her book 'sew the contemporary wardrobe for 18" dolls', adapted because the Aussie girls are a little bigger around the waist than most 18" dolls and their legs are a little chunkier.  My elder girl had requested dungarees for Matilda so I used the top half of the denim jumper dress and the capri trousers pattern joined together to create the dungarees.  I made the capri trousers for Belle, and the tank top.  Both outfits were quite quick to sew (took a couple of evenings all told) so were ready for Easter when the girls got them instead of Easter eggs (they had plenty of eggs from other people, including an egg hunt at church and at a National Trust property) along with the trainers I had found on ebay.  But apart from that gymnastics photo of my younger daughter teaching the dolls the 'bridge' I've not had time to photograph them in their new outfits.
Belle and Matilda in their denim play clothes
(not a good photo, taken as it was getting dark outside,
and I didn't get the exposure right)

Today they discovered the drum kit.  This mini kit was given to my younger daughter for Christmas 2 or 3 years ago when she was very little.  I think her Godmother was trying to convert her to be a percussionist as she has had several other rattles & shakers from her too.  The kit is now actually a little small for her, but Belle and Matilda didn't mind it being a bit too big for them!
Look Matilda, I'm drumming

Oh wow, I want to play too

See Belle, I've got a shaker

Hey, I'm getting good at this drumming


Pan said...

The denium play outfits are really nice. Good photos too.

Ann said...

The outfits are really nice. I really must try to sew something soon.
Great drum kit for the dolls.

Papillon Bleu said...

They rock!