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Thursday, 29 April 2010

No, I haven't stopped blogging

Nearly a month, and I've not had a chance to sew, nor have I had time to do much with the dolls or miniatures at all, though I've lurked a bit on other people's blogs and looked at doll photos on flickr.  My girls have played with the dolls over the Easter holidays and have been back at school for 2 weeks.

Apart from my day job, and a 4 night caravan holiday, I've been up to my eyes organising a big musical event for my local church, which thankfully went very well so I have had little time for miniatures or play dolls.

I did some sewing for the Aussie girls just before Easter - play clothes to match some trainers I found for them on ebay.  But no sewing since then, until a bit of cross stitch tonight in a minature rug I've been stitching on and off for the better part of 19 years!  I just have the background to finish off, and take the rug on caravan trips as it doesn't require much equipment and can be picked up an put down easily.  Trouble is, I've put it down more often than picked it up in recent years, but now want to finish it for my Westville dollshouse.

I'm hoping that this coming bank holiday weekend in the UK will provide me with the opportunity to get some crafty, miniature and play doll sewing done.  I want to try teaching my 6 year old how to do cross stitch, not using a particular kit, but a small piece of aida and some coloured embroidery threads and just let her experiment.  She is my practical child and loves making things.  Her big sister is musically talented and slightly less practical, though does sew a bit if I can entice her away from her DSi!

Here is a photo of my little one demonstrating to Belle, Matilda and Samantha how to do gymnastics.  This was inspired by their new sporty casual outfits that I made for the Aussie girls (Samantha's clothes came from Nellie Rose last year).
Belle in her crop jeans and top, Matilda wearing her new dungarees,
Samantha in her Nellie Rose sports outfit
and my 6 year old in her Charlie & Lola pyjamas


pueppilottchens-spielzeug-blog said...

I know what you mean, sometimes we are to busy with other things and times passes by with no blog posts - I have the same problem with my Püppilottchen family blog at the moment...

I LOVE the pic of your daughter and the dolls!!!


Rebecca said...

Nice to hear from you, and I'm glad you've been busy with musical events and holidays and not sick!
Cross stitch is excellent for picking up and putting down - hope your daughter enjoys it too! I love the creative ways you find to photograph your daughters while protecting their identities (if that's what you're intending, and not just incidental?) - this photo is brilliant!

DollMum said...

My little one definitely enjoyed doing a bit of cross stitch today, she caught on pretty quickly and has managed about 12 stitches.

I've been sewing again today (after doing the boring housework), will blog about the results of the sewing probably on Monday. It is turning out well.

Thanks for the compliment re the photo, she likes doing the 'bridge' and it was a good way to hide her face.