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Saturday, 3 October 2020

Tricycle for two

 Annie and Emily received a package soon after Heather's treasure box arrived from Canada. They borrowed the Playtime Lexie and Jenny outfits from Heather's box as Jenny and Lexie were still admiring their ice skates from the treasure box and decided to go for a ride on their new transport - a tricycle!

Annie and Emily borrowed Jenny and Lexie's new 'Playtime' outfits to take the new tricycle for a spin while in the background Jenny and Lexie discussed their ice skates.

"Hold on tight Emily" said Annie

The little tricycle is metal and plastic, quite well made, though it has a screw in the back which won't tighten so it has a bit of a wobble.

Annie wearing Jenny's 'Playtime' dress

Emily wearing Lexie's 'Playtime' dungarees and 'Just like me' hat

I bought the tricycle intending to recreate a scene which had been set up by another Jenny & Lexie enthusiast in the old J&L Yahoo group but in the event Annie and Emily were keen to play instead. I used my macro lens on the camera to capture the close up photos of the vinyl girls, who have the most wonderful, delicate eye painting.


Dorothy In PA said...

The girls are adorable on the tricycle. They are definitely having fun.

I agree, their eyes are very pretty.

Serenata said...

They really are beautiful dolls, and that tricycle is just perfect for them. They certainly looking like they are enjoying themselves.

hand made for sasha said...

Beautiful pictures! And dolls on the tricycle look so lovely. :)