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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Easter Garden

Today Laura took Louisa to see the Easter Garden in Leicester Cathedral.  It had been set up inside the Cathedral around the altar, however there were notices saying they couldn't go close up so they had to content themselves with looking at the garden from the side sanctuary steps.  It was just before the afternoon service (Bach Cantata 'Der Himmel lacht! Die Erde juilieret! - Heaven laughs! The earth rejoices! BWV 31) and the choir was rehearsing with the small chamber orchestra as the girls admired the beautiful planting in the Easter garden and saw the 3 crosses on the hillside depicting the scene of Good Friday.  The altar had been used as the hillside containing the tomb, with the gap between the stone altar legs being the entrance to the tomb.

Leicester Cathedral Easter Garden 2018, with the altar being the tomb entrance

Laura and Louisa peered eagerly at the Easter Garden, they wished they could go closer as it looked beautiful

Laura and Louisa in Leicester Cathedral for Easter

Laura wore her Petrana dress with a cardigan and headband belonging to her sister Florence (made by DollMum) while Louisa wore her Sasha 2017 Festival dress by Lynn Field with strawberry cardigan and hat by Rosie Laird
When they returned home the girls were given Easter chick chocolates for being so good and quiet during the wonderful singing and readings.

Laura and Louisa with their Easter chocolate

"My chick is too pretty to eat, Laura"

Laura and Louisa (and all their siblings) would like to wish everyone a very Blessed and Happy Easter!


It wasn't possible to position the dolls looking at the Easter garden from the front because the choir was rehearsing and it would have been very distracting for the singers. My elder daughter was playing in the chamber orchestra rather than singing and we brought her home afterwards for a few days holiday.  This week we'll be doing plenty of craft work in preparation for the Sasha Celebration weekend in May, 50 craft kits are being put together for the craft workshop on the Saturday morning and we have some red carpet outfits to make.


Dee said...

I love listening to church choir's and I'm sure Laura and Louisa did too. How exciting for them to visit and see the garden.
Both looking very cosy in their outfits.
Sounds like a busy few weeks ahead.

Kendal said...

Must have been really lovely listening to the choir singing whilst looking and admiring the 2018 Easter garden scene.
Most impressed with the way that the events of Good Friday to Easter Sunday have been incorporated around the altar. A pity that Laura and little Louisa couldn't have both got a little closer but do appreciate that Sasha scene setting and photography can be slightly disturbing to non Sasha collectors.

I once took my thirty class children to visit Liverpool RC Cathedral during Easter week to go to Confession, join in with the Angelist at, walk the Stations of the Cross and finally sing three modern hymns before heading off to have a very late picnic lunch sitting on the banks of the River Mersey.

Now wondering just what you are all going to make at the 2018 SCW!
Guess what we sung practically non stop on the coach journey back to school?

Ginger said...

A lovely Easter post DollMum and it must have been heavenly to hear the choir. A joyous place to be. Have a great time at the SCW and I will greatly miss you and also your kind instructions at the creative craft table. 😊 xxx

Papillon Bleu said...

I love the second photo . The little strawberry hat and the little feet of the smaller doll are so adorable.