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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Curly hair and repainted eyes

We did not expect or plan to buy a doll at the Chat 'n Snap.  We didn't win any on the raffle and I firmly told myself at every table where there were dolls for sale that they weren't in the budget this time.  I was delighted with Louisa my new toddler who had cost the most of all our Sasha dolls.

As we were packing up at the CnS and loading the car I noticed that a few dolls still remained on the doll adoption table.  There was a naked early (sexed) baby boy with greened eyes and wayward hair.  My girl picked him up and looked at him and looked at me.  I said "no", then said "he would be a good one to try Dawn's curling technique on and his eyes need repainting" so my girl begged me to buy him.  But his seller had left and accidentally left him behind!  Dee told me to take him home and she sent me the email address of his seller, so I paid for him later that evening after we had an email conversation about him.

He had a wash and shampoo then my girl got to work with the pipe cleaners.  We didn't have enough white ones as she wanted to do tight curls like the ones on Dawn's wobbler (Sasha baby with legs straightened), so until I bought some more pipe cleaners she used coloured ones as well (risky, as the dye in the fluff might have stained his hair - it didn't).

Hair curling took place over half term, she did a few at a time until she was more than half way then suddenly she sped up and finished the remainder in one sitting.

Then we did the scary bit - the boiling water over the head trick!  We didn't want take his head off and do Theresa's technique of boiling his head inside 3 plastic bags, so poured a kettle of boiling water over his head, then used a towel to get the drips off and pegged a face cloth around his shoulders to catch any drips while it dried naturally for the next 24 hours.

Before she removed the curlers I got the paints out to try my first Sasha eye repaint.  I did not remove the old paint, I used the existing eyes and repainted the brows and edges, then changed the colour of his pupils to a pale blue (I used acrylics).  I also touched up his lips a little.

My daughter removed his curlers, it did not take as long as putting them in but still took a while as there were more than 120 of them! (we counted 128)

Curling begins (notice the essential music provided via ipad and headphones while she curls his hair)

Getting the hang of pipe cleaners for curlers

Twisting as well as curling the hairs around the pipe cleaner

Front row

Front row and his greening eyes
Several rows, including colourful pipe cleaners

More than half done and suddenly curling sped up

The last few curlers (at the back)

Very pleased the curlers were all in - what a job!

Hair drying after the boiling water treatment

Curls drying and his greening eyes

Curls dry and new eye paint

Making progress removing the curlers

Curler out

Carefully removing a curler

All out - that is a relief, thanks Mum! Look at all those pipe cleaner curlers

Feeling his new curls

Proudly wearing his new Sashapotomus onesie (2017 Sasha Festival souvenir) and sporting his new look hair and eyes

New eye paint and hair style

He looks pleased

I think that is a smile
A close up of his repainted eyes
We have named him Davy.

Now there are four blond Sasha babies in our combined collection, 3 boys (Leo, Theo and Davy) and a girl (Daisy).  Davy is the only one with blue eyes.


twizel said...

Great job,Davy looks brilliant

Gregor Daddies said...

So cute! You did a beautiful job painting his eyes.

Theodora said...

How brilliant is this! Such great photos and one can see the amount of careful work that went into the hair curling. What a cute baby! The eye painting is also very well done. An excellent result. Wow. I am really impressed with this young lady!

Margaret ("Peggy") Livingston said...

He is beautiful! What terrific talent exists with Dollmum and her girl! 🤗

Get Zoe to Spain said...

great team work on rescuing the little waif know as Davy the dreamy now :)

NeverUschi said...

He is adorable! It looks like a lot of work, but it certainly paid! I wonder why curly babies never were produced, as they look so cute.

DollMum said...

The only curly babies produced were the black babies, I wonder what the process was to curl it (whether it was curled after it was rooted).

jamamy said...

Davy looks wonderful! I am so impressed at the neatness of his curlers by the way. He is so cute with his new baby blues <3

Dee said...

What a great job! His hair looks really sweet now it's all curled and his eyes are wonderful and painted beautifully.
It's not easy to paint eyes well, so you must be very happy with the result and now Davy can join the family on their adventures.