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Monday, 30 October 2017

A new toddler

Ever since my younger daughter bought Edmund, her Gregor toddler (a Claudius) 2 years ago, I've been thinking about finding a girl toddler.  The prices of toddlers have gone up in the past 3 years so I knew it would be hard to find one, however I got lucky at the Sasha Celebration weekend in May as I was offered one based in the USA.  I made arrangements to collect her at the Sasha Festival in Washington DC in July.  She was shipped to Norvell as Peggy wasn't sure if she would make it to the festival even though she had booked to attend because her grandchild was due to arrive that weekend (in the event she did attend and her grandchild was born the day after the festival, perfect timing).

Peggy's photo of the minty Iona

Iona says 'Hi'
When we arrived at the hotel shortly after arriving in the USA, we met Norvell and had dinner with her before we collected two parcels from her (one for Lorraine).  I was thrilled with my new minty Iona.  Her new name didn't come straight away, she took her time telling me.

I had made a dress for her to use in the Dress a Sasha but on her first evening of the festival she changed into a Dollydoodles set of crop trousers belonging to one of her new big sisters (they were like trousers on her) and the white blouse.

The dolls on display in our hotel room in Washington DC - the new Iona wearing the Dollydoodles outfit intended for her big sisters

The next day she changed into her new Dress a Sasha outfit - 1860s fashion for well off young children included a crinoline (which I made using white pipe cleaners and cream coloured ribbons) to hold out the wide skirt of her dress.  She wore ribbons in her hair too.  She was playing the part of 'Maud' in 'An Old Fashioned Girl' by Louisa May Alcott, but she refused to keep that name afterwards.

My Iona as 'Maud' in Dress a Sasha, 2017

On the Saturday at the Sales tables I was able to buy a lovely dress for her made by Lynne F and a pair of sandals made by Monica J.  She proudly wore her new outfit that afternoon during the craft workshops to show off the felt glove puppets.

In her new outfit showing off her dress and sandals and the glove puppets along with baby Theo and Edmund at the Festival

She stayed in this outfit for the remainder of our USA trip and afterwards.  About a month later I bought a cardigan and hat from Rosie L (it is decorated with strawberries) which went well with that little dress and she sat on the Sasha shelf in the sewing room on the basket chair which my daughter was given at the Sasha Celebration Weekend.

By this time I knew what her name was - it was pretty obvious to me when we returned from the USA that her name would come from the trip which had realised my dream of visiting Concord, Massachusetts.  My new Iona told me her name had to be Louisa, after the author of 'Little Women'.

At the Chat 'n Snap in October she stood with the pram, Edmund, Timothy and babies Theo and Amy still wearing her dress and the cardigan and hat set. 

At the Chat 'n Snap 2017 - new toddler Louisa, baby Theo, Timothy, Edmund and baby Amy with the pram, in the background are Melanie, Reuben and Nina in their 2014 Sasha Festival outfits

Louisa is now wearing a new smocked dress by Marilyn H as she sits enthroned on her favourite chair. Baby Daisy has new smocked rompers in the same fabric, by Marilyn.

L-R: Miranda, baby Daisy, Louisa, baby Leo, baby Theo and Trendon Elliott

Louisa in her favourite chair
Welcome Louisa (and thank you Peggy). 

Louisa is not the newest blond in the Sasha collection, however that is for another post.


Serenata said...

She is lovely and that is the most perfect name for her

NeverUschi said...

The smocked dress is very pretty, but I like her even more in the blue outfit with cardigan and hat.
You should think it would be easier to find toddlers in Germany, since they were produced here, but I never came across one yet. Well my children say that's good, because our little house is already overrun by dolls!