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Friday, 1 September 2017

USA 2017 - Laura at Niagara Falls and Rochester

On the Monday after the Band Organ Rally, Laura and her family were on the road again.  It was another glorious sunny day as we drove to Niagara Falls, not far from the Carousel museum at North Tonawanda which we had visited on Friday and Saturday.

Approaching the Niagara falls, in the distance the water smoke rose in the air

Laura and her girl approached the Niagara Falls in a semi shady park on the USA side

Laura was already wearing her blue raincoat when her girl picked up a poncho on the approach to the boat

The Maid of the Mist boat was filling up

Laura looked back at the observation tower on the USA side of the river as the Maid of the Mist drew away from the shore

The straighter falls threw white mist into the air

Laura was amazed by the amount of water tumbling over the edge and the noise of the falls

There is a rocky island between the straight (USA) falls and the curved Canadian falls

The Niagara falls island and cliff

The Maid of the Mist boat went as near as possible to the Niagara Falls and it was obvious why everyone needed rain ponchos as there was so much spray and mist, the camera lens was covered with water!  It was very exciting and Laura was glad to be sheltered under her girl's poncho.

As the boat turned away from the Niagara Falls, Laura stood in front of them (firmly held by her girl)

When she returned to dry land, Laura looked up at the Rainbow bridge 

She could see the international border between Canada and the USA in the middle of the bridge

Laura and her girl climbed up the steps alongside the straight, USA falls to get a closer look

There was so much mist in the air above the falls and Laura was glad she had kept her raincoat on

Laura could see that the plants alongside the falls were very green - it was hot and they got a lot of watering!

She enjoyed the view of the boat pulling away with another group of passengers as she want back to the observation tower

She had a wonderful view of the falls from the observation tower

Laura could see the path just below her where she had just been walking to get closer to the falls

Even the view after leaving the observation tower was exhilarating as the water thundered over the edge

The river just above the falls was very wide and rapid

Laura was glad to be standing firmly on dry land as she stood with the falls behind her
Laura bought a postcard of the Niagara falls for her friend Henry, who had visited them the previous year.  After leaving the Niagara Falls, Laura travelled to visit a music box and band organ collector and restorer in Rochester, New York. 

There was an intriguing automata which was a lot of fluffy pussy cats seated around a table moving their heads from side to side and meowing to be served.

Laura liked this miniature music box which looked like a barrel organ but actually contained a music box paper roll player, like one she had at home. 

The box acts as an amplifier for the music box mechanism (the tuned comb plucked by pins which are activated by holes in the music card).
Laura and her girl had fun playing with the cat at the music box collector's house too - it was chasing a laser light all around the room which was very funny. 

It had been a lovely day of contrasting things to see and do. Laura was looking forward to the next day.  She had a very special person and doll collection to visit.


Jane said...

The Niagara falls look absolutely stunning! I have quite a few friends who have visited them over the years too. I'm looking forward to the next post of your wonderful road trip :) x

Gregor Daddies said...

We visited Niagara falls last summer and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. When our boat got right up to the horseshoe falls many people just started laughing like little kids - so much fun! It looks like you had a great time too. Good thing that Laura wore a raincoat though, because there really is water, water everywhere!

Anonymous said...

It must be so impressive to see the Niagara falls! The automaton with the cats is adorable :-).

Kendal said...

What a fantastic day this has been. I hadn't realised just how much water spray the Falls actually gave off. Waterproofs were indeed definitely needed.
Many thanks for these mesmerising photos and interesting information.
PS. I'm even more sorry after viewing this fabulous post that your eldest daughter missed all this.