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Friday, 9 June 2017

Introducing Betsy

In August 2015 I bought my Schoenhut doll, a 16 inch high Miss Dolly called Betsy.  She came from my friend Lorraine on the day we set up the Sasha doll gymkhana.  She had no clothes and a light two tone, very old wig, I am not sure if it was original or not.  I decided to keep the name which Lorraine had given her, as it suits her.

Betsy wearing her old wig and a Sasha dress which has become hers
I had bought a wig for another doll which didn't fit that doll's head but it did fit Betsy, so I carefully removed the old wig and put the new brown plaited wig on Betsy's head.  I found a Sasha dress for her and borrowed a pair of Sasha baby shoes from Mabel, they've now become Betsy's shoes (Mabel doesn't mind).

Betsy's face paint was a little chipped, Lorraine checked with other Schoenhut owners what paint they would use and acrylic paint seemed to be the answer, so I got out the paints and carefully touched up her face a little.

Betsy wearing her new wig, dress and shoes soon after she arrived

Close up of Betsy's face before I touched up her face with acrylics
Since then Betsy has participated a little in some of our doll scenes but I've not formally introduced her until now.  She sits in a low rocking chair with a few of my non Sasha dolls on the top of a chest of drawers in my bedroom.

Betsy in her rocking chair

Betsy in her rocking chair with her touched up face paint

Inside Betsy's old wig

Betsy's old wig
L-R: Palitoy doll, Jakob (Kids 'n Kats), Anna (Gotz), Susie (Palitoy Petalskin), Amelia Anne and Betsy

Jakob, Anna and Susie

L-R: Palitoy doll, Jakob (Kids 'n Kats), Anna (Gotz), Susie (Palitoy Petalskin), Amelia Anne, Betsy and Penny (First Love)


Angelo's Papa said...

You did a great job bringing Betsy to life. She is a very pretty doll and blends in nicely with your other dolls. She looks so comfortable in that rocking chair!

Serenata said...

Lovely to see your introduction post on Betsy and where she resides in your room. She looks like she has a great group of friends to keep her company.

Jane said...

I love all of your doll collections. I do wish now I hadn't gotten rid of my dolls when I 'grew up'. Even though they were only 'like' dolls from the 60's they would be 50+ years old if I still had them :) x

Kendal said...

I'm always interested in seeing a wide variety of dolls from other people's doll collections... but my heart still belongs to Sasha.

NeverUschi said...

Betsy looks very happy with her new wig and dress. She also seems pleased to have had her face "done" so nicely - and you found a great place for her in your bedroom.

Dee said...

Betsy looks like she's settled in well with your doll family.
Her change of wig suits her and her dress is very pretty

miniaturista said...

Preciosa colección.
UN abrazo

Sharon said...

You did a great job of touching up her face paint DM, much better than some I've seen. She looks like she's happy to be with her new friends :)

World Costume Dolls said...

Beautiful dolls. Especially Betsy!