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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Baby and toddler spring playtime

The following photo story is by DollMum's daughter and took place one sunny spring afternoon in March:

Daisy and Mabel are having fun sitting on the playmat
while Leo is playing with animals on the cart
Not knowing what to do Edmund picks up the cart handle and begins to tug at it
Feeling worried, Miranda rushes towards Edmund
"You can't do that, it will hurt Leo" cried Miranda
Edmund hesitates...
... looks at the cart, sees Leo playing ...
and goes to play with Leo and the animals
"Hello Leo, may I play too?" says Edmund
Leo nods and gestures towards the animals
"Where are the animals going?" asks Edmund as he starts rearranging them
Edmund picks them up as Leo offers him a tiger
Meanwhile Florence hovers by the rocking horse as she watches the babies play
Amy shows Nina her rattle
Nina gets fed up with the rattle and crawls over to the rocking horse
Leaving Amy all on her own
Florence helps Nina onto the rocking horse
Amy watches from afar as Nina climbs onto the horse
Nina waves at Amy
"Hew Haw" babbles Nina
Mabel, now lying on her back, plays with the hanging toys
Not knowing what else to do, Amy joins Daisy and Mabel at the playmat
and casts a shadow over Mabel
Daisy, Mabel and Amy play together and babble away
After a lot of babbling Mabel gets tired and crawls into the cot
She falls asleep as Miranda and Florence take the babies and Edmund indoors
Sometime later Mabel wakes up and finds she is all alone
She is so pleased when Miranda comes over
"Don't worry" says Miranda "I will never leave you" as she gives Mabel a big cuddle
Mabel likes hugs
This photo story was put together in haste last weekend and there has been no time to edit or caption the photos during the week. It was instigated by my daughter who suddenly decided she wanted to do a doll story with the babies, so changed them out of their Christmas dresses(!) and into lighter clothes.  Daisy wears a dress and shoes bought at the Chat 'n Snap in October.


Kendal said...

Congratulations DMD on this wonderful post.
How lovely to see all those Sasha babies playing and sharing so nicely under the watchful eye of their two big sisters, Florence and Miranda. So reminds me of my childhood days when we played with our dolls!
I know from experience just how long and time consuming doing Sasha posts like this can take so I say again 'Well done!' Great to think that we have this younger generation ready to continue and take over once we older 'dears' get past it.

Love how you have dressed the dolls and posed them using and playing in amongst all that Sasha sized equipment.
Your dolls are perfectly mannered too. No fighting, squabbling or using any electronic equipment/devices/mobile phones in sight! So refreshing!

DollMum said...

Kendal, the dressing took a bit of time the previous day (all done by DmD) but we did this photo shoot in all of 20 minutes before dashing off to a musical event that the younger generation was playing in, this was truly doing doll play on the fly! There were moments of almost squabbles (Edmund got close to being very naughty) but big sisters helped to keep things kind. We don't believe in electronic 'toys' for babies and toddlers, that is encouraging the screen addiction too early and doesn't help their fine motor skills!

miniaturista said...

Son niños en acción, da gusto mirar como juegan y se divierten.
Un abrazo

Gregor Daddies said...

It looks like they all had a wonderful time. I love the rocking horse. Hopefully the two babysitters had a chance to rest later on.

NeverUschi said...

What a good time the little ones had in the garden! A great, colourful post. And Edmund is a very thoughtful toddler, with a little help from his sister.
My babies still don't want to leave their play mat. Maybe I should take it out into the garden too so they can have some fresh air.

Dee said...

A lovely Spring story of the babies enjoying the garden by little miss dmd. All so lovely and colourful with plenty of interaction.
I was worried Edmund was going to pull the cart which Leo was playing with but luckily he is a sweet boy who decided to play with Leo instead.
A bright tale for a Soring day.

Angelo's Papa said...

This is a very entertaining photo story. I liked seeing all the props. It looks like summer in your part of the world.

Sharon said...

What a nice story, and great photos. Your daughter has an eye for a dolly photostory for sure. Spring has certainly come to you and your gang of lovely dolls.

moti said...

What a lovely story!!!!, so adorable dolls!!
Hugs from Spain!!!