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Friday, 30 September 2016

Miniature knitting for Jenny

While in Guernsey for our holiday in August I completed knitting Jenny's miniature sweater, however I didn't finish sewing in the ends or sew on the buttons.  Tonight, after an incredibly busy September in which work and my volunteer project has taken my full attention, I've sewn in the ends.
Jenny's cardigan inside out, showing the fair-isle knitting just before sewing in the ends
Sewing in the ends means carefully sewing into the backs of the stitches so that the fair-isle pattern isn't messed up on the right side of the knitting
Now all I have to do is sew on the buttons (the button holes are knitted in to the pattern), block press the sweater and Jenny can have it to match Lexie's purple fair-isle sweater.

The wool is 2 ply knitted on 1.5 mm knitting needles.  The pattern is my own design for the 8 inch Heather Maciak dolls Jenny and Lexie.  You can read about how I came to make this cardigan in Miniature Knitting for Heather Maciak.


miniaturista said...

Con esa chaquetita va a estar guapisima.
Un abrazo

Dee said...

Lovely that you have finally got to finish it.
I look forward to seeing it on your Jenny

Serenata said...

That is the worst thing, sewing in the ends! But worth it with this delightful jumper, it is so lovely.

Kendal said...

Have always loved just how fine the finished articles are when knitted in two ply.

I used to knit my daughter's first baby vests in two ply pure wool in a dainty rib pattern with a moss stitch yoke incorporating eyelet tiny holes around the neck and sleeve holes to thread some very narrow ribbon.
My mother spent a fair few months knitting Chon's Christening shawl with it's equisitly patterned boarder in this weight.

Looking forward to seeing Little Jenny in this delightful little Fair-Isle sweater.
(Didn't envy you sewing in all those loose ends though!)

World Costume Dolls said...

Such a lovely little hand-knitted sweater for your doll. I can appreciate how much work goes into making these little garments, especially sewing them up, as it is indeed, a tedious job! I also make them myself, (and some of them in no. 80 crochet cotton). Well done! You must be very pleased.