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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Practice for the Summer Music Festival

A Summer Music Festival was being planned so the young musicians were practicing hard. Trendon Elliott got out his trumpet and music while Melanie started tuning up her violin.

Trendon Elliott found the right page of music for his trumpet
He had to remember the correct fingering to use on his trumpet 
Soon he was playing the trumpet with Melanie sight reading the piece on her violin, an easy duet for Trumpet and Violin by Mozart.
Melanie was careful to hold her bow properly with a nice soft wrist to make the sound better
While trumpet and violin practice was going on, baby Nina was playing with the blocks
Nina was briefly distracted by baby Leo having fun on the rocking horse
Soon Jakob arrived with his flute
Jakob waited patiently while the trumpet and violin duet continued and Nina played on the floor
In the kitchen Miranda was frying breakfast for hungry musicians
"Breakfast is ready" called Miranda as the duet came to an end
"I definitely need some more violin practice" said Melanie
"I bet you're hungry though" said Trendon Elliott as he held his trumpet
"Playing the trumpet certainly makes me hungry" said Trendon Elliott
"Yes, lets put our instruments away and have breakfast, then do some more practice later" said Melanie.  
Jakob came and put his flute music on the bigger music stand as Melanie watched
Soon Jakob was running up and down his scales on the flute, making them sound like rippling rivers.
"Yummy, a banana" said Trendon Elliott holding it up for Melanie to see as Miranda approached with a frying pan filled with eggs
"Who would like some fried eggs?" asked Miranda.  "No thanks" said Melanie while Trendon Elliott was only too pleased to have both eggs on his plate
Miranda went to get some more food from the fridge as Jakob would need breakfast too.
Melanie and Trendon Elliott made short work of their breakfast ...
... while Jakob continued his flute practice
"I wonder if our friend Henry will be happy to play the piano part to accompany me during the Summer Music Festival - he played the piano at the Sasha Festival in the USA - I'll ask him" said Jakob.
Leo joined Nina on the floor
The babies played happily with the colourful blocks as they enjoyed the music practice for the Summer Music Festival
Music practice will continue, there is lots to do in preparation for some Summertime fun.


Serenata said...

Wow, what a fantastic post that they are practising hard and I am sure Henry will be happy to accompany Jakob. Just love that the kitchen is now up and running, it looks well equipped and absolutely perfect. What fun.

Anonymous said...

Very neat post! Can you share where you purchased the violin from? I would love to find a wooden one for my Sylvia Natterer doll to play. Thank you!

DollMum said...

The violin came via ebay about 5 or 6 years ago, I cannot recall the seller. It has a wind up music box in it and comes with its own case.