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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A postcard from Cornwall

It was summer, the roses were blooming in the garden despite bursts of heavy rain. One day Laura received a letter.

"Who can it be from?" she wondered
Inside the envelope was a postcard puzzle
Laura tipped the pieces onto the table and started doing the jigsaw puzzle
It was not too difficult to see that there were 4 pictures divided by white borders
Soon she had all the edges done and started working on the middle pieces
"Last piece" said Laura as she put it in place to complete the picture
It was four photos of a village called Boscastle in Cornwall
Laura carefully turned the puzzle over (yes, it can be done) and read the message on the back.  It was from her friend Henry.
"Dear Laura,
We are having a lovely time in Cornwall despite the weather not being the best!  We arrived for a day in Boscastle and it is now pouring down with rain so had to wait in the cafe for ages until it cleared - no real problem as we enjoyed lunch and a cream tea! We went for a walk and admired the wonderful views once it stopped raining it was rugged, wild and wonderful!  We did have a couple of days when the weather wasn't too bad and will blog about the places we visited.  Much love, Henry :-)  P.S. Hope you had fun doing this puzzle postcard."
"Thank you Henry, I did enjoy piecing this together and reading about your Cornish holiday" said Laura
Laura hasn't visited Boscastle but her girl has been there twice, when she was much younger as we had 2 caravan holidays at Tintagel. Boscastle was severely flooded in 2004 because of a severe cloudburst (it hit the national news).  In our visits to the village it was good to see all the repairs that were done and improvements to the flood defences so it was a relief to know that despite Henry's rainy visit the village wasn't flooded again.


Serenata said...

Henry will be thrilled to read this post and see that his puzzle postcard arrived safely and that Laura enjoyed doing it.

Boscastle is lovely and we really enjoy visiting the area.

The NT have a video display all about the floods, rescues and subsequent work done in the area - it is incredible no life was lost.

Kendal said...

I just LOVE being in that part of the UK. Such a pity though that it takes so long to drive there or else I would definitely go there more often.
I well remember seeing the Boscastle Flood on the TV and was helping one of my nieces do a project on it as part of her Geography course on Flash Flooding. So pleased to hear that precautions of it happening again are now in place. One of our Sasha collectors lived in Boscastle (but luckily high up on Penally Hill) but they were very worried about their property as they were away abroad at the time. I remember her telling me that it took a good year or so after they returned to get things running back to normal as most of the roads, shops, pubs, restaurants etc in the town centre were flooded or damaged and so made unusable.
Love the idea of a jigsaw postcard. Perfect size too for Laura. How very kind and thoughtful of 'Dear' Henry.

Kiki's Korner said...

Henry is so clever! I can see that Laura really enjoyed the puzzle postcard.

Ginger said...

A very thoughtful gift from Henry and I love the idea of a postcard puzzle. We have just this past week experienced severe flash flooding in parts of our state and the results were devastating. My area escaped damage and loss of life but other areas were not so fortunate. The rebuilding is beginning by providing assistance to those in need and putting emergency operation measures into place.

A very nice post of Laura! :) xxx