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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lacy knitting

During the past few weeks I have been occupied with home decorating (two rooms at once) so my hands have been too rough for any knitting or sewing.  Now we are having a well deserved holiday for half term in the caravan and I have brought my knitting.

About 3 months ago I started to make the Lace dress by The Doll Works but had to stop when we took our living and dining rooms apart.  A couple of rainy days in the caravan and 2 additional children sounds like a recipe for no space no peace however this morning they are playing outside despite the drizzle and I have managed another 12 rows of the lace skirt (all the rest of the dress is made though not yet stitched together).

Lacy knitting work in progress
Four of the doll family have come with us on the insistence of my younger daughter (to fill the four doll sleeping bags): the Sasha's Laura and Nicholas James, and the Gotz 19.5 inch Matroshka and Peter.  They have brought 2 small boxes of clothes and shoes and yesterday afternoon had a session of changing clothes but are back in their sleeping bags awaiting the next playtime.  In this weather they won't venture outside but hopefully later this week they will do as the little hill behind our caravan provides the perfect spot for adventures


Sharon said...

I have been trying to comment for days but having pribs with mobile blogger....hopefully third time lucky!
I admire you taking extra children with you Dollmum, in a caravan...but hope you are having a lovely time! I have many happy memories of childhood holidays spent in caravans....and we never remembered bad weather and always found fun things to do!!!
Enjoy your knitting too! You're a goid knitter from what I saw!
Hugs Sharon in Spain x

Serenata said...

Love the lacy knitting, I will look forward to seeing it when finished.

Hope your holiday hasn't been too much of a wash out. The weather has been better today?

DollMum said...

The weather did improve consequently the length of the knitting has stopped growing for the moment. However it is unlikely I will get any doll photography done before we leave the site unfortunately, sad that holidays have to come to an end.

Dee said...

Lovely lace knitting and not a thing to try and do around children!
There is nothing quite like a few wet days in a caravan, character
It's always an adventure.