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Monday, 7 January 2013

Jenny and Lexie Christmas

Actually Jenny and Lexie didn't get out much this Christmas, however once we'd packed away the decorations at Epiphany I brought them downstairs for a mini photo session with the little wooden horse I picked up in the local sales last January (it bears a close resemblance to the main character in one of my favourite childhood stories - Adventures of the Little Wooden Horse).  Jenny is wearing the lovely Rosemarie Ionker smocked dress she won in a photo challenge we participated in during the summer, and Lexie is wearing the Rosemarie Ionker white dress she won in the Valentine photo challenge.

Jenny in her lovely Rosemary Ionker dress

Lexie and Jenny with the Little Wooden Horse
Afterwards, they raided my basket of fine patterned fabric to choose what they want me to sew for them, they say that the Sasha and Gotz dolls have had plenty of my attention and now it is time for them! However I am back at work, school term starts in the morning and even the coming weekends will be busy, so finding precious sewing and knitting time is going to be more difficult than during the Christmas holidays, I will do my best though to carve out some 'me' time.
Jenny and Lexie with a feast of fabrics


Jen said...

Your Jenny and Lexie are so cute! They are two dolls on my "should have" list! I hope you are able to find time to sew for them - I struggle to find that kind of time, too!

Julie said...

Darling girls. A book suggestion (I am not affiliated with these books in any way--my sons and I are enjoying them so much that I feel the need to share with someone)--Tumtum and Nutmeg by Emily Bearn (not the exact title, they are a series of sorts, we have read the first three). There is a General (mouse) in the stories and there are "battle" scenes which may not appeal to you or your daughters. The characterizations are very good as are the fine details and general storyline. Anyway, we also love "The Little Wooden Horse" and read it once a year.

Serenata said...

What lovely little dolls, they are so sweet. What type are they?

DollMum said...

These little darlings are Heather Maciak dolls, they are 8 inches high, all porcelain with ball joints. They are no longer made so I feel very lucky to have them. I have featured them before in my blog. My little girl is allowed to play with them on my double bed only. She is very careful with them and is becoming quite adept at dressing them (she uses tweasers to do their buttons up).

DollMum said...

Thank you for the book suggestion Julie, I will explore.

Carolyn said...

They are so cute!