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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Thank you Hattie

After the Sasha Festival I received a lovely message from Dee, mum to the incorrigible Hattie and friends at Sasha Village blog.  I had received one of Dee's hats on the Friday night at dinner time, and Florence had claimed it as her own.  Dee had one hat left over and wanted to give it to my girl and Miranda, but didn't manage to do it at the festival.

Today a parcel arrived addressed to my younger daughter from Hattie (and Dee). 

The letter from Hattie
Miranda is delighted with her new hat from Hattie and it matches the dress I made for the Friday night dinner perfectly.  So after choir practice tonight (both my girls sing), we had a little photo session - Florence changed back into her dress from the variety of dresses she has been trying on in the past few days and was given the new purple shoes I had bought at the festival from Gayle's stand (we got Florence's lovely red boots from her too).  So here are some photos:

Miranda in her dress with the hat from Hattie and new shoes
with the addition of the lacy cardigan I knitted
Cuddle before bedtime
Fun before bedtime
Bed time story (the book is a bit young for both of them)
Now Miranda is trying to decide what Hattie would like, so I've been looking at photos of Helena Bonham Carter for some ideas...


Eliana said...

Beautiful! ... both. ;)

Serenata said...

How wonderful, both Miranda and your daughter look very pleased indeed with their gift from Dee and Hattie.

Dee said...

Hattie says " It's nice to see Miranda wearing her hat with Hattitude "

Anonymous said...

I was pleased that Hattie was finally allowed to go to the festival, (especially since Miranda got to get this lovely hat from her because of it)...though I thought that her plotting against Toby going instead of her just before they left for Stratford was rather unkind and very naughty.
Miranda looks really pretty in her festival dress, cardigan and colour coordinating hat... although I hope that she finally got undressed before climbing into bed and didn't sleep in all her finery and crease it.
Enjoyed meeting you, your daughter and Miranda at the Festival.
Sasha love from Kendal.

DollMum said...

I'm ashamed to say that Miranda doesn't have a nightdress yet, night clothes are on the long order list from most of our Gotz 19.5" and our Sasha family. I just need some sewing machine time!

moti said...

What a lovely gift!!!!
hugs from Spain!