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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sasha Secret Santa swap gifts I sent

Lorraine has started blogging about the results of the Sasha Secret Santa swap, revealing names of who sent things to each other, so I can now show the photos I took before I posted gifts to Ginger in the USA for her blond Gregor called Finn.  In these photos my Gregor Nicholas James models the sweater, boggin hat and underpants which I made for Finn, and holds the Christmas tree decoration I made for Ginger.  We were asked to select 3 items from a choice of 5, with an optional gift for the doll's owner.  From the photos on Lorraine's blog it looks like some people were very generous and sent more than the 3 items.
My Gregor models the clothes for Finn

close up of the underpants

close up of the pattern on the sweater


Serenata said...

Lovely Anna, I have corrected my post, sorry about the misunderstanding.

There were certainly some very generous gifts given indeed!

Theodora said...

I love that sweater and hat! Another clever knitting lady! Love your blog!